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Woman with a Dog and Woman with a Lute

The task entails comparing and contrasting between two pictures as presented in the museum. The pictures include the one of Woman with a dog while the other contains Woman with a Lute. The respective artists present their works in a manner that indicate in-depth knowledge in the field. They both use proper paintings and scales that appeal to the visual sense of most viewers. It remains appropriate analyzing these works since they accurately represent what it take to design and draw a picture. The comparison and ... Details

Beyond the Scope of Human Control

In the Dust in the Wind, Hou Hsiao-Hsien presents the inevitable difficulties that characterize life and shows the reality... Details


"Alexander" is a movie directed by Oliver Stone and released in 2004. It focuses on Alexander the Great and... Details

Sisters of Soul

Music is an important active purposeful creativity that brings joy and refreshment to human beings. Soul music is a widely known music genre that combines the elements of African American jazz, gospel music, blues and rhythm. Details

Still Life by Diego Rivera

Still life paintings have always been quite a popular theme among artists of all periods, but modernity introduced new ideas and tendencies into this sphere. The Still Life (1916, oil on canvas) painted by Diego Rivera is a perfect illustration to this process when new principles changed the nature and main message of the still life making it a very complex and multidimensional work of art (See Fig Details

Gunpei Yokoi

Gunpei Yokoi (1941-1997) has been described as a legendary design of videogames who played a monumental role in ensuring the success of Nintendo in developing video games (Crigger, 2007). Yokoi designed numerous hardware for Nintendo such as the Virtual Boy, the Game Boy, and Game and Watch, and various videogame series like Kid Icarus and Metroid Details