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The Changes in Patronage System

Patronage in the history of arts is the support that the kings and the popes gave to the sculptors, painters, and the mu... Details

Salvador Dali

Born on the 11th day of May 1904 in Spain, Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali lived to be among the icons of the artistic worl... Details

Comprehensive Mini-Exhibition

The following is the description of a four walled mini exhibition that will be constructed and its characteristics. Ther... Details

Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of contemporary art is located in Los Angeles. The museum develops most of its own exhibition, presenting the wor... Details

Catherine de Medici Essay

From an Italian word balletto which means a little dance or to dance a little, ballet is one of the known types of perfo... Details

Christopher Nolan

In discussion of Christopher Nolan as a director, one controversial issue is his ability to direct coherent intelligible... Details