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Famous Artwork

The Escorial palace is a historical residence to the rulers of Spain. The fortress is situated about 45 kilometers north... Details

The Most Intriguing Pieces of Art

The 'Lamentation with Saints and a Donor', and 'The Deposition with Donors and Patron Saints' are some of the most intri... Details

Juan de Valdes Leal and Audrey Flack Essay

Juan de Valdes Leal and Audrey Flack were both famous artists of their time, and, even though they were born in totally... Details

"Abduction of Europa"

Most artworks usually have a myth behind their existence and the Abduction of Europa is one such art. The mythology in t... Details

Modern Art Galleries

Tate modern art gallery is one of the most popular galleries in the world. The resource, which forms a part of the cente... Details

Acro Dance

Dance is as old as the human race. It can be described as a series of well-articulated movements that are at tandem with... Details