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Leonardo Da Vinci

Born on April 15, 1452 as Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci, Leornardo was a well-known Italian Renaissance Polymath. He wa... Details

Renaissance Paintings Comparison

Duccio di Buoninsegna (Italian, Proto-Renaissance), Madonna and Child, c.1300, Number: 2004.442, and Raphael Sanzio (Ita... Details

Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya is thought to be one of the most famous artists who have ever lived in universe. Goya is seen to have bee... Details

An Art Studio in early Childhood Classroom

Introduction Children of preschool age are very active members of any society. During their earlier stages of developmen... Details

Apocalypse Vs. Heart of Darkness

Apocalypse is one of the greatest American blockbuster war movies. It was acted during the time of the Vietnam War. The... Details

The Released

The New Asylum is a FRONTLINE film of 2004. It explores deep into Ohio Prison System and mental complications that ensue... Details