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Analyzing Shrek 1 Character

An epic movie about a hero always starts from the description of his character. A hero Also in an epic movie is shown as a handsome man with divine gestures. Here, we experience a different hero. The movie shows us that instead of making judgements on people relating on their physical appearances; we should wait until we have gotten to know their inner selves first. We also get to see how friendship is built on trust, and it can open up someone to the world. The movie also shows that the difference in social status should not be a basis of building friendship, and it may also lead to conflicts in the society.

At the beginning of the movie, we can see that Shrek is perfectly happy with his life. He enjoys living in the swamp, bathing in mud and having nobody around him. However, as any living creature, he is soon overwhelmed with such feelings as love and friendship. He then meets his future friend Donkey. At first, Shrek tries to get rid of the Donkey, but it is not that easy. Both of them are alone, and Donkey does not have a place to go. Shrek allows the Donkey to stay for one night at his swamp, and this is a good gesture from him. After that, a real adventure begins when the fairy creatures occupy the swamp, and Shrek and Donkey are forced to go and rescue Fiona from a castle tower guarded by a scary dragon.

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Shrek and Donkey begin their journey. This shows that they have become friends despite the physical differences between them. This could be a metaphor towards the relationship between Shrek and the world that is measured by the point of perfectness and similarities. A party of an ogre and a Donkey seems to be an extraordinary friendship. We can observe the scene when all fairy creatures are getting captured and thrown away from the perfect kingdom of Lord Farquhar. This shows how the affluent in community despise the fairy creatures since they are not pretty and also educated. For Shrek, the swamp that symbolises the perfect place to stay in harmony with himself is the perfect place to live and not being evaluated by society.

Further in the movie, both arrive at the castle where Fiona is captured; they split up in order to look for her. There is lots of uncertainty awaiting them, one of which is the scary dragon. When Shrek rescues Fiona from the tower, he does not forget about the Donkey although it would be considerable ordinary for an ugly ogre not to care about anyone. In a scene where Shrek catches the Donkey’s tail in order not to get it burned by the Dragon, we can actually see that deep in heart he genuinely cares about his companion.

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When all of the company travels together to the castle of Lord Farquhar, they become close friends with each other. Shrek and Fiona began falling in love with each other. Later Shrek overhears a conversation between Donkey and Fiona; she mentions that beauty is not getting mixed with ugliness and Shrek misinterprets her. After that, filled with anger and disappointment, he hands over the princess to Lord Farquhar and leaves for the swamp where he lives. It is shows that it is hurting to relate to people based on their looks.

Shrek is eventually convinced by donkey that he misunderstood her and goes to save the princess from getting married to Farquhar. At last Shrek arrives at the wedding of Fiona and Lord Farquhar and says: “I object”, after that he confesses that he loves Fiona, and she responds with love in return. After they kiss each other, she transforms into an ogre, but not into a princess. Shrek does not care about that as he loves the person that is inside her. We can see that Shrek is a marvellous person because true love does not show on the outside, but it is born in the inside.

This movie indicates a lot of excellent examples of social behaviour that we experience each day. The story shows us that an individual should never be arbitrated by their looks before we get to know others better. We can see how friendship and trust can open up someone to the world. Shrek is a perfect example of a true love; that is when one cares about the person, but not about her outlook or what she has in possession, and that is true love.

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