Annotated Bibliography

Mozart, Amadeus Wolfgang, Pack, Robert and Lelash, Marjorie. Three Mozart libretti:

the marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni and Cosi fan tutte. Mineola, NY. Dover publications.1993. Print. (125-180)

This source gives detailed information about the opera don Giovanni. This can be found in the second chapter. It introduces one to the characters in the opera; it also gives the plot of the story in the opera.  This source will make one familiar with the play and ease understanding of the content of the play, then understanding of the music aspect is easier. The book also gives an insight on other works that Mozart has composed. Overall, the book contains detailed information, synopsis and characters of the opera Don Giovanni.

Mozart, Amadeus Wolfgang and Da Ponte, Lorenzo. Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni:

containing Italian text with an English.  277 Washington St, Boston. Oliver Ditson and Co. 2000. Print.

This source gives in detail the content of the play and the justification of the opera. The source also has the music that Mozart composed for every scene. This text of music can be analyzed, and the musical in depth and meaning be felt. This source is in Italian with some English; hence it loses remarkably little information due to translation. This book will enable one to analyze the music composition of Mozart for this opera. The book has contents of Mozart’s opera in Don Giovanni that will be helpful to understand the opera.

Mozart, Amadeus Wolfgang, Bleiler, H. Ellen and Da Ponte Lorenzo. Mozart’s don  

Giovanni. Mineola, NY. Dover publications. 1985. Print

This source is about the opera too, and the music contained in the opera. It gives a plot summary of the opera and quickly introduces one to the characters of the play. It also gives the conditions under which Mozart composed the music of the opera. This source also gives information about the way people received the opera in Vienna upon its debut. It also gives a personal history of Mozart’s life both at home and at work. It tells the reader about what motivated and inspired Mozart in his composition.

Fisher, D. Burton. Mozart’s don Giovanni: opera classics library series. New York, NY.

Opera journeys publishing. 2002. Print.

This source discusses in details the impact of Mozart’s music in the opera don Giovanni. It shows how Mozart gives character and shows feelings through music. This source gives a brief synopsis of the play. The book goes ahead to investigate the origin, inspiration, and the reference of legends and composers that Mozart borrowed from for the opera. The source also gives an English translation that transfers the same drama experienced when the play is in Italian. It also shows how Mozart’s music shows conflict between the characters and the emotions that the characters in the opera depicts.

Rushton, Julian. W. A Mozart: don Giovanni. London, UK. Cambridge University Press.

1981. Print.

This source critically examines the opera don Giovanni. It gives its history and life in the theatre at the time it debuted in the theater. It tries to show why this opera is one of the best operas ever performed. The book also examines the history of the story before it was in the hands of Da Ponte. It then continues to show in details how Da Ponte was able to arrange these ideas to come up with the final opera. The book also examines musical aspects of the opera and critically explores the musical personalities of the main characters such as Giovanni. The book also analyses such aspects of music as harmony and tone of the characters.

Woodfield, Ian. The Vienna don Giovanni. Los Angeles, CA. Boydell and Brewer

publishers. 2010. Print

This source contains information about the opera; it has a story line that describes what happens in the play and the story behind the characters. It introduces the person who reads to the actors in the opera. Additionally, it also discusses the impact that the opera had in the theaters and today’s music. It shows how Mozart largely contributed to music used in the opera. It also gives the performances of the don Giovanni around Vienna and the impact of this opera to forthcoming composers of music. The book also analyzes the way Mozart keenly uses music to bring out unique characters in the opera.

Goehr, Lydia and Herwitz, Daniel. The don Giovanni moment: essays on a legacy of an

opera. Los Angeles, CA. Columbia University Press. 2008. Print.

This book analyses the impact that the opera don Giovanni has had on the modern world. It contains contributions of different scholars on their views of the impact that Mozart composition of music in this opera had on the characters. They all try to understand the characters in the opera through the music composed by Mozart. They also in depth analyze the characters of the opera and compare this to the works of modernist. According to this book, Mozart’s composition was a historical moment that set the pace for others in the scenario of opera.

Life Magazine. Don Giovanni. Life magazine. February 3, 1947. Print.

The magazine describes the play of Don Giovanni. It gives the reader an insight on the characters in the opera. It also describes the opera as one of the greatest works of art. It then describes the musical art of the play and how Mozart efficiently uses music to show emotions and human conflict in the opera. The magazine also contains pictures from some scenes in the opera, therefore, giving the reader an idea of the opera.