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Arts refer to a wide classification and subdivision of culture through creativity and discipline. Many researchers, including Eric Jensen, have emphasized the significance of arts in an academic setting and stated the reasons why it should be classified as a crucial discipline.

This paper explicates the value of arts and emphasizes why it should be considered a significant discipline.

Arts are vital in an academic setting because they help in the development of neurobiological systems among students. According to Jensen, arts are imperative in the educational setting as they enhance reasonability among students. One can acquire more vital ideas from arts than any other discipline. This is because of the relaxation effect they have on the brain, hence making ideas sink deeper and increasing the reasonability levels. Thus, the brain develops and becomes more creative. Jensen points out that art should be considered a serious discipline because of its contribution to the process of learning. Learners are able to learn newer ideas from arts and are able to apply them to other disciplines, such as mathematics and science.

I strongly agree with the author’s criteria of what makes arts a serious discipline. A major discipline refers to a field that can transform the way students’ reason and apply classroom issues to the real life situation. Arts are crucial disciplines as they improve the way students learn and reason from different perspectives. Therefore, I agree with the author’s criteria of arts as significant disciplines.

There is an immense value in arts being elected as significant disciplines rather than simply being referred to as valuable. Considering arts as essential disciplines would boost thoroughness and seriousness in the disciplines. Students and instructors would appreciate the discipline to a great extent and use in their daily activities as compared to when it is merely referred to as a valuable discipline.

In conclusion, arts are valuable and should be embraced in academic fields in order to ensure that proper learning and acquisition of ideas are enhanced.

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