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Female Characters in Dramas

One of the most conspicuous female characters in the Sex and the City is Samantha Jones, famously known as ‘Sam’. Sam in a single woman, portrayed as a high sexual woman in the Sex and the City. One of Sam’s strengths, as depicted in episode 1.01 of the Sex and the City is confident. Throughout the episode, Sam acts very confidently. She has multiple sex relationships with men and in all her relationships. She approaches and interacts with her partners very confidently. Even when in the company of her female friends, she acts very confidently. Sam is very protective of her female friends. This is also another of her strengths. In the episode, Sam takes numerous initiatives to protect her female friends. For example, while in Abu Dhabi with her friends to devise a Public Relation campaign for an Arab Sheikh, Sam appears protective of her friends when they were accused of taking a bag, which did not belong to them.

In addition, Sam is a very sociable person. She loves going out with her friends and having fun. This is also one of Sam’s strengths, which has enabled her to maintain her life the way it is. Since she is portrayed as a highly sexual character, her sociability enables her to make friendship with men of different characters, and eventually manages to sleep with them. However, this character makes Sam a promiscuous person. She loves having sex with different men including younger men who are virgins. In fact, she does not sleep with one man for more than two times. This is promiscuity since the norms of our society do not allow women to have multiple sexual partners.

Sam’s motivation is her love for men. She goes to an extent of using hormonal drugs in order to increase her sex appetite. She manages to sleep with interesting characters. Besides, she makes a sex-tape of herself just to prove that she is not a sex fag hag. Sam’s potentials include becoming a very good PR consultant. In the episode, she manages to get a business contract with an Arab businessperson. If only she can put her sex desires aside, she can succeed in the business. Sam also has a potential of becoming a good friend to her female friends. She supports them and avoids judging their actions. Even if she sometimes quarrels with one of the female character in the series, she does not hold anger against her for a long time.

The nature of Sam’s relationship with women is strong while that of her relationship with men is weak. Sam does not like having close relationship with men, especially after having sex with them. She only has a few serious relationships with men. Her fear is not to be able to explore her sexuality. This is depicted when her body is unable to become sexually aroused by the Australian men while in Abu Dhabi.

In Gossip Girl, one of the key female characters is Serena van der Woodsen. Serena is depicted as an ‘it girl’ in the TV drama Gossip Girl. One of her strengths is that she is outgoing. Her outgoing character enables her to move from one place to another and adapt to the new environment very easily. It also enables her to have numerous on-again and off-again relationships with men. Besides, she has been able to maintain close relation with her best friend Blair: one of the female characters in the drama. However, her weakness is that she is promiscuous. This is because she is unable to maintain one sex partner for a long time. She has on and off sexual relationships with men. Serena is also rebellious. She handles many of her scandals in a rebellious manner.

Serena’s source of motivation is her attitude towards life. To Serena, nothing seems so big in life. She makes abrupt decisions and implements them immediately without having a second thought. However, her abrupt style of decision-making ruins her potential of having a serious relationship. She makes a decision to break up with Dan, one of her boyfriends, and by the time, she thinks of making up with him again, she finds him kissing her best friend, Blair. Serena’s life is full of scandals, and this ruins her potential of leading a happy and settled life. At first, the nature of Serena’ relationship with her best friend seems strong. However, it weakens at the end of episode five when Blair starts a relationship with Serena’s ex-boyfriend, Dan. What appears to be Serena’s fear in episode five is her scandalous life. She has to deal with gossip from her classmate Juliet Sharp, directed towards ruining her life in school, her mother, her estranged cousin, as well as her loneliness. All these seem to be ‘sucking up all the air’ in Serena’s life.

In American Horror, one of the key female characters is Connie Britton. She uses the name ‘Vivien’ as her stage name in the horror-drama TV show. In the first episode of season one, Vivien’s strength is depicted as being a strong women. She gives birth to a still baby, remains strong, and tries not to allow her emotions control her. Her strong character as a woman is also depicted when she agrees to rekindle her relationship with Ben (one of the male characters), even after knowing that Ben had an affair with Hayden, one of Ben’s students.

However, her behavior has promiscuous element. When Vivien and her family moved to a restored house in Los Angeles, she starts and continues to have sexual intercourse with two different men: Ben and a strange man who wears a rubber suit who later turns out to be Tate, Ben’s new patient. Vivien assumes that the strange man is Ben and continues having sex with him without getting concern about his identity. In the end, she becomes pregnant with twins where she assumes that the two men she has been sleeping with fathered each of the children. In American Horror, Vivien’s motivation is the twins that she conceived when she was having two sex partners at the same time. She seems happy about because she believes that each of the men fathered the children she was expecting. Vivien’s hope is to rekindle her relationship with Ben and maintain it forever. However, she fears that Hayden’s presence in their new neighborhood may ruin her plans to rekindle her love with Ben. 

In the Weed Story, Botwin is the key female character. After the death of her husband, she struggles to find a source of income in order to provide for her two sons. Hard work and determination are some of her strengths. She directs all her efforts towards her weed-planting project, which she hopes that it will earn her a lot of income. Botwin is also courageous. During the sale of her weeds, she behaves very courageously when her business contacts appear with guns in their hands. Botwin’s weakness is lack of ability to control her emotions and this is what makes her behavior to be promiscuous. Although she is widowed, she engages in unprotected sex with a man who she does not know very well.

Besides, she is careless because she becomes pregnant despite being aware than her financial status is not good to support an additional members of the family. Botwin is motivated by the idea of getting a lot of money. She wants to get rich and this is why she tries everything at her disposal, thinking that it is a good avenue of getting rich quickly. She hopes that in the near future, she will have enough money and provide for her family sufficiently. Nonetheless, Botwin has a potential of becoming a good parent to her children.

From the aforementioned TV dramas/horrors, some traits are similar among all the key female actors. One of these traits is promiscuity. In all the dramas/horror, all the women characters have promiscuous elements in their behaviors. In the Sex and the City, Samantha is depicted as a very promiscuous woman. She is portrayed as a highly sexual character. Samantha sleeps with men of different characters and backgrounds very frequently. Similarly, in the Gossip Girl, Serena is depicted as promiscuous. In the drama, she is said to have on-again and -again sexual relationships with men. She starts a relationship with a man and after sometimes, she breaks up the relationship and starts another one with a different man. In the same way, in the American Horror, Vivien is promiscuous because she haves sex with two different men at the same time. She sleeps with Ben and with the strange man who wears a rubber suite. In the Story Weeds, Botwin is also depicted as promiscuous. She engages in a sexual relationship with a man and eventually becomes pregnant. In all the dramas, all women are depicted to be promiscuous.

This implies that women tend to have more than one sex partners at the same time. By having more than one sex partners at the same time, it indicates that women are objects of immorality in the society. This is because a large part of our society does not condone sexual relationships with more than one partner, especially among women. From this, femininity is represented as an object of shame in the society. They are objects of shame because they practice what the society disapproves. Besides, this trait represents femininity as being sexual. This is because, since all the key female characters in the dramas explore their sexuality in different manners, it can be presumed that women love exploring their sexuality or engaging in sex.

Moreover, in these dramas, many of the women are outgoing. In the Sex and the City, Sam is a very outgoing woman. She loves going out with her female friends and having fun. Similarly, in the Gossip Girl, Serena appears to be an outgoing young woman. From both dramas: Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, the sociability character of the key female actors contribute to their promiscuity behavior. This is because in Sex and the City, Sam usually meets her sex partners whenever she is hanging out with her friends. In addition, her sociability enables her to interact with men very easily, thus forming relationships as soon as she meets a man. In the Gossip Girl, Serena engages in a new relationship with a different man and ‘dumps’ Dan, her boyfriend, when she was out of town with her best friend Blair. Based on this, it is clear that femininity is represented as being social. This implies that females are social characters. They like interacting with each other. In many cases, they have close friends whom they confide in whenever they are faced with difficult situations. For example, Sam confides with her three close female friends. Her friends also confide in her. Similarly, Serena’s close friend is Blair. She hangs out with her most of the times and she talks to her most of the times when she is undergoing difficult situations.

In the Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and Story Weeds, all the female characters previously mentioned share a common character of being loving. In the drama Sex and the City, Samantha does not have family members. However, she shows love and compassion for her friends. She protects them at all costs. For Serena, in Gossip Girl, she seems disturbed by the misfortunes affecting her family, including her cousin. This is an indication that Serena loves her family. Botwin also shows compassion and love towards her sons and this is why she is working very hard in order to provide for them. From this, femininity is represented as being loving and caring. Despite experiencing numerous difficult situations, females always remain loving and caring.

However, some female characters in these dramas have different characters. For example, Serena is depicted as a rebellious character. She makes abrupt decisions with out having a second thought. This trait is not common in other female characters.

In the dramas, there are two different types of women. They are those who are sexually aggressive and those who are less sexually aggressive. Sexually aggressive women are those who explore their sexuality to the fullest and use it to get what they want. Therefore, they engage in sex for fun and for achievement of their personal goals. Sam and Botwin are the two women in these dramas who can be categorized as sexually aggressive. The less sexual aggressive women are those who explore their sexuality because of exposure to certain situations. Therefore, they engage in sex not for fun but as a way of escaping from the reality of the situations facing them. Both Serena and Vivien can be categorized as less sexually aggressive women. Vivien haves sex with a strange man who wears a rubber suit as a form of trying to escape from the reality that her husband, Ben, had an affair with another woman.         

Based on these dramas and other numerous dramas aired on televisions, females and femininity are presented in a multifaceted manner. That is, one character can have more one personality. For example, one can be promiscuous yet compassionate, or rebellious yet loving and caring at the same time. Moreover, televisions stereotype females as sex objects. In many of the television dramas, sex themes are usually portrayed through female characters. 

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