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Forrest Gump Film Review

Cinematography plays an important role in the entertainment industry by incorporating actors that effectively present characters that denote the significance of a film as not only entertaining, but also as educative. Thus, film-making requires incorporation of eloquent and interactive characters and the use of better and appropriate visual effects that present an on-screen display as real, thereby stirring people’s emotions. Such attributes help people understand the contribution of a film to enhancing their human values. Forrest Gump is one of such films that have incorporated insightful characters, interactive visual effects, and a combating on-screen display which has offered viewers a lot of laughter intermingled with few scenes of tears. This paper gives a review of the Forrest Gump film.

In life, one is never sure of what is prepared for them. An example of this is shown in the Oscar award winning film, Forrest Gump. As pointed out by Evelyn, Miller & Vendome (2010), Forrest Gump has a starring actor, Tom Hanks, who plays the role of Forrest, and Robin Wright acting as Jenny. The film, which is a comedy-drama, depicts the life of a mentally challenged man, Forrest, who goes through his life by interacting with historical figures. It engages the viewer into more laughter with few scenes that make the viewer break into tears. The authors note that the screenplay of the 1994 award winning film was written by Eric Roth based on a 1986 novel written by Winston Groom.

According to Evelyn, Miller & Vendome (2010), Forrest Gump not only won Oscar awards for best picture, best film editing, adapted screenplay, and visual effects, but it was also awarded for best director, Robert Zemeckis. This was based on the film’s incorporation of extraordinary acting and visual effects. This paper gives a review of Forrest Gump.

Review of the Forrest Gump Film

As pointed out by Evelyn, Miller & Vendome (2010), the film’s actors successfully portray their characters with insightful remuneration, which not only makes the film more interesting, but also alludes to its cohesive content. They note that Tom Hanks and Robin Wright show phenomenal display of connectivity in their on-screen chemistry which leaves the viewers with the impression of real and ultimate connection between them. This is vividly captured in the screen play in which the viewers turn to be mad at Jenny, especially when she blew off Forrest and in tears when she was informed by him that he was heading for Vietnam. According to Evelyn, Miller & Vendome (2010), Robin Wright’s acting in the Forrest Gump film attributes to the best performance in her career. It even surpasses what she accomplished in the 1994 The Playboys film. Additionally, they note that Gary Sinise who acts as Lieutenant Dan Taylor, who was saved by Forrest in Vietnam, gives an emotional catch of a disabled person who lost both of his legs during the war and was therefore in need of help.

On the other hand, the background screen play of the film with extraordinary visual effects is as good as its actors. Evelyn, Miller & Vendome (2010) note that the Forrest Gump film incorporates special effects which present the scenes as incredible and real, leaving the viewer with the notion of how that could be achieved. For instance, Lieutenant Taylor’s screen display shows no signs of his legs. It therefore paints a true picture of real life values that are dispossessed on a battlefield. Moreover, placing the character, Forrest, in history-making events was incredible, as he posed to be new light to people’s adaptation to a new style of living. This is evident when Forrest teaches Elvis how to swing his hips and when meeting Presidents in order to accomplish whatever he was after.

Therefore, Forrest Gump is a perfect film with both special and interactive effects that best suits those who are in need of good life. Through its rejuvenation, one is left with true human values such as honesty, friendship, and good family relationship. Moreover, the character of Forrest in the film denotes that having a low IQ does not make one to be disabled, but rather it can enable a person to contribute to the life of others.


In conclusion, film-makers should incorporate actors that best suit the intended characters in portraying human values while coming up with their films. It is also important to incorporate interactive on-screen display and visual effects that present the scene as real and catchy in promoting human values.

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