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Jean Fouquet Portrait's Functions

There are numerous things that have been part and parcel of humanity, among these is artwork that man has been involved for centuries. During the ancient times, man began developing and practicing his creativity or imaginative power by carving of crude sculptures on materials such as stones, woods and other rudimentary materials. This however depended on different factors such as the availability of the raw material, the level of skills as well as the tools. In this process, some of the designers presented their work as free standing, and sometimes the work was embedded on the surfaces of the materials (Kleiner, 25). This depicts the kind of cumbersome work that the early designers/ sculptors had to grapple with in the time of antiquity. Undoubtedly, Jean’s paintings may be seen as of greater benefits in the advancement of art works particularly in materials use, presentation and distribution of the information.

Jean’s portraits were numerously drawn from the use of the recently invented technique of oil painting. The employment of this technique was a highly considered a breakthrough in representations of different art aspects in clearer way. In the first place, the use of paint allowed the distinction of the different parts of portraits in their appearance. It permitted the differentiations of body portions and cultural items that are used by humanity to be vividly represented in a picture. Following its clarity potency on this particular field, Jean’s work was therefore most suited in the portrayal of humanity in the various cultural practices as well as in their economic works (Pioch, 1).

The attempt to advance the painting technique opened the paths for the preservation of enormous historical information. The use of the technique was of significant importance in the storage of crucial work articulated to leadership of many nations. This is certain in connection to the huge representations that Jean made as memorial materials for many kings (Pioch, 1). The enormous numbers of these kingly representations may also be taken as way that showed the important role jeans played in advancing the art work through painting technique. The association of the portraits with individuals of noble backgrounds and persons of royal families was another way through which Jean helped in the bolstering of art work from the travail to methodology to the modern techniques.

Though the painting technique might have been intriguing for most of the sculptors of that time, Jean’s works appeared not only in places where it represented elites from the noble class, but most of his painting were widely distributed in various sites of social and public concerns (Hollingsworth, 235).

In the Jean’s portrait of “virgin and the child” was depiction that illustrated his motives on wide view of events. Overtly, the portrait passes a religious message to Christian, which shows the acceptance of the painting artwork in the field of religion. Furthermore, there are other numerous artworks which Jeans put forward such as the representation portrait of saint Andrew and others, that showed his endeavors to promulgate the religious doctrines  together with artwork through the techniques(Kleiner, 547).

Concerning the advancement of artwork on cultural grounds, it is well revealed that the painting techniques allowed the integration of many aspects that gave more detail of artwork and culture. As seen in the portrait “virgin and the child” painting, there is great information of culture item and values. First, the portrait shows a woman role and responsibilities of taking care of the young. A part from this, portrait also showed the value attached to the beauty of a woman by having clad on a valuable cloth of modern design. In addition, the plaiting on her hair and the jewel embedded on it makes part of the society culture of treating woman in a very high manner.

While in the earlier artwork, it was quite had to show some of the aspects and element to reveal detailed information; Jean’s employment of the painting technique had much contribution to the present world. Generally, the work is indisputable in the improvement and progression of creativity in artwork, and its input in the present world goes beyond the field of artwork, especially by considering its contribution in the subject of science of perspective.

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