Juan de Valdes Leal and Audrey Flack Essay

Juan de Valdes Leal and Audrey Flack were both famous artists of their time, and, even though they were born in totally different periods, their works bear some similar characteristics. Their works show that they are realistic artists. The most common artwork that was crafted by Valdes is Vanitas, while that of Audrey is the Wheel of Fortune. Their work was influenced by religion and the economic status of their people. For instance, both two works have skulls that refer to death. The two works also have a few jewelleries and some objects. Vanitas has a drawing of a baby, a young and beautiful lady, flowers, and books while Wheel of Fortune has a picture of woman smiling, jewellery, and some fresh and ripe fruits. These objects in the two works represent knowledge, beauty, and wealth.

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The two works also have a clock and a sandy clock that mean the passage of time. These images probably mean that time passes very fast, and soon there is death that consumes all the knowledge, beauty, and all the wealth in the world. Vanitas has a saying from one of the books: “Time passes more quickly, beauty fades, chance plays a big role in our lives than we like to think, death awaits”.  This saying means that no one can stop time from passing, and, at the same time, no one can stop death from taking him/her.

The two art works also have some dissimilar characteristics. Vanitas shows a man holding a huge picture. The picture is also painted black, and there is darkness all over it. There is a sad and dark mood in the picture that means that the future of the people in the picture is dark and uncertain. Wheel of Fortune is brightly coloured, and it has a picture of a smiling girl. There are fruits and a card. This picture shows the active day-to-day life of individuals who have a bright future.