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Korean artist Ji Yong Ho

The masterpiece belongs to the Korean artist Ji Yong Ho. This young man’s theme is monsters, despite general believes he tries to make them attractive to the general public. All of his works are created from automobile tires. However, despite the brutality and blunt  original use of material Yong’s works of art look very appealing. Choice of material is not spontaneous, he tried himself with clay and bronze, though, he finds tires the most liberating material to work with. He feels that the rubber closely resembles live tissue, like muscles and skin, it gives him much more freedom when creating his works. Ji is very particular about every detail of his masterpieces, not only tire patterns, but also eyes.

As a child Ji Yong Ho was greatly impressed by the children with Down Syndrome, he lived close by their school. In his pieces he tried to reflect the look in their eyes “Somewhat sad, somewhat vulnerable”. I really like this sculpture for the reason that it looks powerful and vulnerable at the same time. It is huge, precise and extremely detailed work, it gives impression of  extreme power and strength. Incredible detail gives the feeling that the statue can start living the life of its own and walk off the very place it is standing on.  Eyes on the contrary make you sympathetic towards the monster. This incredible work caught my breath the first time I saw it.

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