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Meaning of Culture in Brick Lane

Brick Lane is located in the northeastern part of London. In the recent years, due to the perception that East London was an area of high unemployment, minimal expectations and several social vices have been experienced. Culture has been driven by a local economic renaissance in the area. Cultural entrepreneurship has had significant association to the local forms of creative capitalism (Porter & Prince, 2011). There has been noted a rapid development of new sectors of the metropolitan economy due to the Internet revolution in the area.

Based on entrepreneurial creativity and spread of new digital technologies, a new innovative Brick Lane emerged. It has been the area where immigrants used to settle in London. Its occupants include the Jews, Huguenots and Muslim communities. It is, therefore, considered to be a metropolitan. An intellectual project has been developed in the past years in order to reconstruct blackness and whiteness in the area, thus depicting the perception of race. Racial and ethnic categorization based on gender and class prospers in this district.

The entrepreneurial styles of creativity took over local traditions’ forms of exquisite art. Artistic creativity and cultural diversity clearly distinguish Brick Lane. From the artistic point of view, Brick Lane is a center of artistic creativity. Brick Lane is a highly ethnically diverse region mainly housing Bangladeshi and the Asians; as a consequence, this creates a sense of cultural boundaries.

As a result of immigrations into the area, there has been a feeling of national dislocation and cultural disorientation, which appeared to contradict and oppose the established British way of life. There live people from different walks of life, colors and races. Those people eat different foods, worship different gods and have diverse and unique traditions in general.

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