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No Mans Land

No man’s land is a heart moving action movie shot in Serbia. The movie is about two soldiers who are in a war. These soldiers are from different sides of the conflict. In their quest, they are trapped in a location whether there is a land mine hidden underneath them. There is also a third soldier with them. The dilemma of the situation is that the soldiers cannot stand each other, yet they cannot leave since any movement with trigger the landmine killing all of them. Learning of the situation, the United Nations, through a French operative try to save the soldiers. Upon realizing that this is not possible, they quickly abandon the mission and make up a cover story. The UN is also in a dilemma since they are supposed to be neutral in the war. They hence cannot take sides over the stalemate.

This movie has a lot of influences from international relations. For instance, there is the issue of war between two countries. Bosnia and Serbia were engaged in a blood shedding war that left many dead. This was the essence of the movie and the main backbone.  Also, there is the issue of the United Nations and the extent to which they can go to save human life. In the movie, it is clear that in international relations, political interest is more important than human life. The nationalities involved in the movie play out a scene where everybody has to maintain their political interest at heart, without much regard to the others. The media, however, comes in and exposes the situation by putting pressure on the officials in charge. The movie is more than just a row between two wounded soldiers. It is about two warring countries and how the world reacts to such incidences.

The Last Just Man

This is a documentary about the Rwandese genocide. The narrator, Romeo Dellaire takes into the roots of the genocide and the probable causes. It is a piteous story to follow, and definitely scary if it is one’s first time. He follows the story of how about a million Rwandese citizens were killed in just over three months. The weaponry used in this massacre is shown in the film. Since the narrator was a first hand witness, he is able to tell an accurate account of the massacre between the Hutus and the Tutsi. These are the two tribes who fought each other in the genocide.

The Rwanda genocide remains the most horrific national event in the recent past. The killings happened on a tremendously large scale. None were spared. Women and children all bore the same fate, death by machete. This genocide called to attention the global community. More so, global leaders felt a desire to unite the world and prevent such occurrences in the future. The United Nations dispatched their peacekeeping crew to the country. The film brings to light how a Belgium peacekeeper was killed in the conflict hence triggering an international incident.

It is probable that the genocide would be preventable, had the international community acted upon it earlier. The film brings to light the extent to which global unity is lacking, and the events that can be avoided if all countries could work together. Also, there is the issue of lack of fast response from the UN. In the course of the three months that the way took place, hundreds of thousands could have been saved, had more troops been deployed. The narrator portrays a picture of a man worn down by the memories of his past. In fact, as a result of the guilt that has consumed him from being involved in the massacre and not reporting the signs earlier, the man tried to commit suicide.

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