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Easy Statistics Project Sample

Introduction This research was conducted on 10th December, 2013 at the parking bay of the college. The aim was to study the vehicles that are present in both the students’ and the faculty parkin... Details

The Rhetorical Situation Sample

The Rhetorical Situation Text Title + Author: Bad to the Last Drop by Tom Standage. Summarize the argument: Main argument + the supporting claims: Bottled water has recently become extremely popular a... Details

Free Rogerian Essay Sample

Rogerian Essay Swiftly shifting technological trends, the 21st century allows people to access endless solution possibilities to ever-growing problems.  One of the ongoing problematic debates con... Details

Free Rogerian Argument Essay

Rogerian Argument Introduction A number of beliefs held by human beings and their line of thoughts or arguments are based on three aspects: emotion, faith, common sense and currently, technological ad... Details

“This Is My Family” by Skype: An Analysis of the Advertisement Essay Sample

“This Is My Family” by Skype: An Analysis of the Advertisement Technology is an integral part of today’s human life. Indeed, people use a variety of technological advancements in eve... Details

How Art Made the World: The Day Pictures Were Born

It seems hard to answer when people actually started making art. We all know that it was a long time ago, and we all saw... Details

The Golden Age Musical Time Period

Music sets the soul free, and many people all over the world concur with that statement. The combination of great chords... Details

Neo-Classical and Romantic Art

A painting usually expresses the ideologies of the painter and allows the viewers to have an ingrained experience of ano... Details

Picasso’s Works

The works of many artists have evolved over time due to a series of happenings in the world. Happenings on the political... Details

Braque’s “Bottle and Fishes”

The period between 1907 and 1973 saw a shift from the old style painting favored by the old fashioned painters of the 19... Details