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Patch Adams

In this movie based on the story of Patch Adams the story is about a man played by Robin Williams who believes in the medical world, humor must be used to treat patients. He believes that a close relationship must be developed between the doctors and the patients. This close relationship is what is discouraged by the medical practitioners and he constantly clashes with them. He also says that death should be treated with dignity and humor. For this reason he clashes with the medical fraternity and is expelled from medical school twice.

Patch having a mental breakdown is taken to a mental institution after a failed suicide attempt.  In the institution he aspires to be a doctor since he sees he will forget his problems when he helps others and is enrolled to medical school making him the oldest first year student. When enrolled he questions the way the medical fraternity approaches health care plus other pranks and it leads to his expulsion. After he is expelled he establishes a health care facility where he employs humor in his work. He constantly humors his patients by walking around in thick glasses and pretending to be short sighted and makes his patients love him.

In the medical fraternity one is discouraged fro establishing a close relationship with the patients to avoid emotional attachment which might interferon with ones concentration in duty execution. However I think Patch's approach should be adopted so that the patients don't feel alone especially when they have terminal illnesses. As much as the reason not to get close is credible since if a doctor becomes too close with the patient he might be affected by the death and see hi or herself as a failure, patch's idea of treating death with humor has its advantages. Personally I would not want to feel alone and detached when I am dying.

Patch also allows patients in his facility without medical insurance. This can has continually been debated upon as a thing that would make the health care collapse. Most hospitals despite the seriousness of someone's illness will not accept to treat you without medical insurance. The reason being, that the services provision needs to be catered for and many people will end up going to quack doctors for treatment since they cannot afford medical insurance. I believe medical insurance is important but it is also too stringent and thus leading to unnecessary deaths. An exception should be made fro people who have illnesses that need immediate medical attention by maybe a fund being established for them.

The movie depicts a picture of a true humanitarian who deals with his own problems by helping others. Most people who are incarcerated in mental institutions as suicidal are because they feel they have no use in life and think them dying will actually be an advantage to the world. If they are made to feel useful by giving them a purpose like helping others I think they would do a lot of good for them and also the people around them taking the example of Patch when he contemplates suicide after Carin (Monica Potter) is murdered, what stops him is the purpose he has established in his life.  Without this purpose he would have let guilt override him and he would have taken his own life and his good work would have been put to an end.

My take on the movie is that it gives us lessons on taking life more seriously and treating all people with diseases as important. This will make their stay on earth for the remaining days they have to be more pleasant. Our take on death should also change and the medical fraternity should although distance is important for their sanity, take the patients a s fellow human beings who need to be shown what they facing is something that they shouldn't fear as much but bravely take on what has been given to them. This I believe any person in the medical world should take it on and this will improve medical facilities. The issue of insurance should also be looked into so that we avoid people going to doctors with no licenses who might not be qualified as in the case of Patch. Generally this is a movie I recommend to be watched by people who want to find their purpose in life.

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