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Sacrifice in Works of Science Fiction


Science fiction is a depiction of future technological advances or environmental changes. However, the actual definition of this term is not as straight forward because there are so many different opinions on the term. Throughout different works of science fiction, the theme of sacrifice gets portrayed widely where many works include sacrifice as part of their plots. By definition, sacrifice is forsaking something valued highly in order to get that of greater value.

This paper will attempt to bring out the themes of sacrifice in different works of science fiction. To achieve this, there will be a comparison between a film; Star Wars and a book called Torch of Freedom. The reason for choice of this film is the impact it had on the audience. Different cultures communicate their values and beliefs through the film which the audience relates with well. This film demonstrates sacrifice where at one point in the film, there is the establishment of opposition against the existing authorities. The Chancellor Palpatine suggests the establishment of an army of the republic (Carlo, 2002). There is an attempt on the queen’s life which necessitates the Jedi council, the chancellor, to assign her a protector, Anakin. Anakin gradually transforms and acquires characteristics such as arrogance and an attitude in which he disregards authority. He gets attached to the queen he vowed to protect. Jedi in the film sacrifice love and other attachments as they believe it leads to suffering and eventually fear and hate (Carlo, 2002).

The other part that this paper will cover, concerns the book, Torch of freedom whose setting is in an era of slavery. This book brings out the theme of sacrifice where there are two characters; Anton Zilwicki and Victor Cachat who set off on a mission full of peril to investigate a wave of high profile killings in Manticore and Torch (Weber and Flint, 2009). The characters suspect foul play in the killings and sacrifice their safety to uncover the truth in a time where the star empire was under threat from slave masters. Sacrifice emerges when the Admiral Luiz Rozsak leaves his activities to protect the planet of Torch.

Theme of Sacrifice in Star wars

Sacrifice in the film is one aspect regarded in high esteem where the characters choose to abandon any interests in love they may have. Anakin’s life manuscript has been somewhat laid. In the film, it is continuously said “there are no coincidences” meaning that the events of his life, are just unfolding according to his manuscript. Free will for Anakin is not in the offing. He is faced with the difficult task to choose between love for his mother and the queen and risks falling to the dark side or forfeit the love to remain on the good side. This manuscript means that Anakin has to sacrifice what he desires for the greater purpose of his life.

Human beings have the capacity to love and to sacrifice thus we can relate to this film with quotes such as the “hard life”. Hard life in this case is where a Jedi sacrifices so much in terms of love and other aspects to serve the duty of protection. They should to stand out from the people they are protecting in the film (Carlo, 2002). This is what Anakin was warned about. He was told that apart from the danger that a Jedi faces, it is imperative to forsake love and attachments. He is termed as “chosen one”. This goes to show that to fulfill his destiny as the chosen one, he must be willing to sacrifice all attachments. However, his fate is sealed by his utmost love for his mother and queen when he inflicts death on the galaxy (Carlo, 2002).

Theme of sacrifice in Torch of freedom

Sacrifice in this book comes out when individuals risk their lives to achieve freedom and justice for their people. It is a good comparison to Star Wars because sacrifice of one person’s comfort is weighed against the safety and stability of a whole nation. The difference is that Star Wars weighs love against good of a nation and the book Torch of freedom weighs personal life and comfort against the greater good of a nation. Zilwicki and Cachat worked under-cover and recruited a security chief in the slave masters planet. Some of the consequences include the eventual destruction of parts of the slave masters city along with genetic identification records (Weber and Flint, 2009). Admiral Lozsak on the other hand, loses a large number of his ships but wins the battle to secure a future for Torch. This shows that the admiral is courageous enough to pay a price with his life for the greater good of his people. This is a form of ultimate sacrifice brought out in this book.


It therefore emerges that sacrifice is a great virtue that individuals adopt for the greater good. This paper has brought out sacrifice in the context of those individuals in positions of power and responsibility. The importance of sacrifice emerges when cases of two individuals are analyzed where one made a sacrifice and one did not. The results of both have been shown and this paper thus supports the need to make sacrifices.

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