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The Coral Society of Pensacola

The ‘Choral Society of Pensacola’ is a group of volunteer singers who have been impressing audiences using their excellent singing skills, and their commitment to excellence and commitment for over 77 years. The group is based in Pensacola, Florida, and they give performances all over the country. Their diversity and marvelous performances have gained them popularity with the American coral lovers in the US. The objective of this paper is to note down my personal thoughts and opinion about the Messiah performances and the guest soloists who displayed their artistic skills and performed for the crowds with the direction of their director, Chen Xiaolun (The Choral Society of Pensacola).

There are numerous coral performances I must admit, but none of them as exhilarating and as electrifying as the messiah performances. The Individual performances were breathtaking and the audience had a pleasant time listening to the performers. The guest soloists were excellent, and their performances have been unmatched. The passion in their presentation evoked emotion in a majority of the attendees. When the audience dispersed at the end of the performance, they had nothing but praise for the performers.

With the mission of the society being to perpetuate the choral music art through professional and quality performances of a vast array of choral masterworks, they are bringing to life the enthusiasm of the audience through their performances. There has been a steady rise in the society’s audience over the years due to their professional performance and presentations that are open to all groups of audiences (The Choral Society of Pensacola). Their collaborations with other art organizations and incorporation of solo artists in their performances are also another factor that increases their popularity with the crowds. The manner with which they engage the audience and open their performances and concerts a vast array of audiences is impressive.

The manner with which the singers attain full membership is characteristic of a world renowned society that aims at giving nothing but the best performances to their audiences. The society has over seventy singers who have passed rigorous audition to attain their membership status. The coordination with which the society carried out the performance was admirable. Values of transparency and accountability lead the group towards success and popularity with the audience (The Choral Society of Pensacola).

The skill and precision with which the Choral Society of Pensacola delivered the messiah performance is excellent. Their performance of the holiday classic in December 2011 set the audience in the festive mood. It is an integral part of the society’s mission to engage and collaborate with other performing arts organizations. Synchronizing their performances with the performers and artists increases the chances of the success of their performances and concerts. The tickets for the concert were affordable, hence opening the performance to a larger audience. The ease with which one could purchase them was impressive, and the timing was excellent for all audiences in attendance of the concert.  The venue was centrally located, increasing the ease with which the guests could get to the performance (For Immediate Release).

All in attendance of the concert were of the general idea that the performances were exhilarating. Their choice to perform Handel’s Hallelujah was I line with the Christmas spirit and set the audience in the festive mood. It is their aim to be inclusive of other art organizations and solo artists into their concerts to ensure that the guests remain entertained, and their performances are inclusive of all audiences. It is the aim of the society to deliver the best performances to their audience; a factor that has led to their success and popularity over the years. The affordability of the tickets also increases the audience and ensured that they enjoyed the thrilling performances.

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