The Corporation

The entire world population has ever lived on the dream of development or progressive advancement in technology and production. In carrying on the development dream to reality, business operation and industrial development have been cited as the key driving factors to this destiny of development. For many people, business operation is all about making profits and accessing the numerous associated benefits. Is this really the case? Business operations are like enclosed black-box, whereby nobody knows what is inside not unless a research is performed on the box. However, by watching the movie entitled “the corporation” by Mark, you are assured of getting the unbiased hidden realities of development and business productivity, especially the corporation’s benefits and disadvantage.

As the movie unfolds, Ray Anderson depicted as a business oriented parody, which believed and enjoyed the numerous corporate benefits including government protection. For many years, Anderson has accumulated a lot of profits for his organization, making his company one of the leader corporations in the region. In his pursuit of his business leadership, he had not only capitalized on the government security, but he has also smiled over the cheap labor and easy access of raw material for the manufacture of tile carpets (Achbar, 2004).

While acting as the chief officer of the organization, Anderson never thought of the sustainability of the business. Hence, the corporation developed the culture of discharging the dangerous waste fluids to the nearby river as well as releasing hazardous exhaust gases to the atmosphere. Despite the enormous dangers of such discharges and gases, the CEO had no single idea/thought of its effects not until when he come across the phrase “the death of birth” as it was put down by Hawken. This was great opportunity of Anderson in getting the insights of the deteriorating condition of the environment; which acts as the sole supporter of both businesses and industrial development (Achbar, 2004).

The encounter of the phrase “the death of birth” by the chief officer is viewed to have been a real propitious moment, which had positive impacts on his life. Under the revelation of the detrimental effects that business or industry had impacted on the environment, the chief officer felt that it was a time to swift the paradigm, that is to turnaround the past practices that hurt the environment to a paradigm of preserving it. Though understanding the problem business caused to the innocent living things is important, there is a more crucial concept that persuades me to plea with everyone to watch the movie. This entails the correctional and mitigation steps that Anderson took, which means focusing of recycling of the waste material, and educating or enlightening of the public of the significance of maintaining health environment as measure of enhancing sustainable business and industrial development.

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