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'The Weight of the Nation' by John Hoffman

America has been struggling with weight problems for decades. However, no one  wanted to admit that they had a weight problem and/or continued to intake food and other liquids, which caused harm and obesity. John Hoffman created a documentary, in which HBO and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences joined forces and provided an expert research on weight and weight loss. The story brought awareness about healthy life to the millions of families.

In the HBO documentary, The Weight of the Nation, John Hoffman addresses important topics and throws light upon the world, which became such an unhealthy place. The film also gives the viewers the advices how get a healthier weight that not only allows a person to look great, but creates a feeling of healthy living. The main focus is on the right diet, slow metabolism and how it is affecting one’s weight, health, and stress. The problems of contribution to the weight gain and becoming skinny and healthy after losing the extra kilograms are also addressed in the film. However, while answering all these questions, the authors and the researchers do not attempt to provide excuses or justifications for the individuals that lead unhealthy life. Unfortunately, one cannot stop eating junk food just because being fully aware of its effects on health.

The research shows that 2/3s of the American population is either overweight or suffering with obesity. Mr. Hoffman views such numbers as a growing epidemic in this country. Although people try to loose weight naturally and with diets, there is no assurance that this will work. As one can clearly see, stress does play a major role in the food intake. While being under stress, many people use avoidance as a way to cope with their problems. It means that they go out with friends, drink and eat to the point of sickness. Emotional problem is a huge contribution to the weight gain. A person, who suffers with depression and has some problems at work or with studying, tries to “chase” all the problems with food. Unfortunately, the amount of junk food intake creates even more negative environment. Food might taste great sometimes, but the effect it has on the organism of a person is horrible.

The main message Mr. Hoffman attempts to get across to the society is that people must start eating a little less and start moving a bit more. Even though the message is correct and positive, it does not even begin to scrape the tope of the problem the country is facings. Children and adults are suffering with overweight and obesity, but how can a child become healthier if the parents are unwilling to change the diet. There is a fine line between feeling good about oneself and a real health condition. Physical appearance of a person is not the only thing that should be improved. The cardiovascular system of the obese people suffers a lot. Therefore, a lot of forces should be put in place to fight the problem of overweight. As a result, confidence and self-esteem will increase, and people will become happier with their new appearances.

Mr. Hoffman states that “we’re fat and getting fatter. When more than two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, there’s no denying we have a serious problem.” But the question remains, who is to blame, and the answer is very simple. The blame should be laid on each individual who fails to see the harm caused by continuously gaining weight. They are guilty because they lack liability for leading healthy life.

The Weight of the Nation provides a positive massage and a positive view on how one can actually remain healthy. The film should warn people and make them eat useful food and live actively in order to become healthier. However, each individual is to choose whether to realize the problem and fight it or ignore it and suffer even more. Life is a gift, and people should treat it in accordance, adding a few years of life by simply eating healthy food. Exercising and walking on the fresh air are the simplest ways to keep fit and prolong one’s life.

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