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Two-Dimensional Media

If aliens were to invade earth and take all of the two-dimensional media (drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography), what I would fight to save is painting. The reason why I would save painting is that painting is very easy compared to drawing, printmaking, or photography (Aisling, 2011). An individual does not need to have background knowledge in drawing or even photography for him/her to paint. Unlike other forms of two-dimensional media where an individual has to learn the skills from somebody else, in painting, one do not need to be taught by another person how to do it. One can simply smear paint on a surface and come up with a very attractive painting. Painting is simple compare to other forms of two-dimensional media (Aisling, 2011). Painting does not have specific starting or ending points. One can start painting an object from any point. For example, when painting an image of a man, one can start painting the image from the legs. However, it can be very difficult for an individual to come up with a good drawing of a man’s image if he/she starts drawing the legs first before the head.

Besides, painting does not require much eye-hard coordination (Meyer, 2012). Unlike drawing or photographing where an individual has to coordinate his/her eye-hand movement carefully, in painting, no coordination is required. One can paint an object or on a surface without really keeping a close look at the hand movement and still come up with a good painting. This cannot happen in drawing or photography. For instance, failure to maintain stable eye-hand coordination while photographing results into poor quality photos.

In fact, eye-hand coordination is very vital in drawing. An individual can spend a lot of time trying to come up with a small drawing. One can erase a single line more than ten times, as he/she tries to ensure that the line appears the way it is supposed to appear in the drawing. However, in painting, once you smear the paint, it does not require erasing or redoing it. All an individual requires is to add more paint, or add a darker or lighter paint on the original paint in order to get the desired output. Lack of importance of eye-hand coordination makes it possible for painting to be done by visually disabled persons unlike drawing and photography, which can only be done by people with eyesight (Aisling, 2011).

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