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Community Psychology Sample

Community Psychology


In the modern day world, the globe has become a village. This is mainly facilitated by improvement in Information and Communication Technologies. Although people have diverse cultures, they have been able to communicate with others in different parts of the world with ease. This means that when changes happen in one part of the world, people get affected irrespective of their location in the world. This paper will look at how attending human diversity is important in the practices of community psychology.

William James, in his studies stated that, “there is very little difference between one person and another, but what little difference there is, is very important’. According to him, people can never be the same in terms of culture, and status in the society. Therefore, community psychology tends to zero in on scrutinizing the perspectives of individuals in communities and the broader society. It also affects the individual relationships to society and communities. Community psychologists hope to understand peoples’ quality of life, as well as that of communities and society. In spite of differences in culture, people have been able to attain cultural competences. Their cultural differences have not acted as a barrier in their relationship.

Kloos, Hill, Thomas, Wandersman, & Elias (2012) argue that the cultural collaboration comes in handy when working with communities towards constructing research, as well as action projects. Therefore, collaboration programs make community psychology a remarkably applied field. When communities are given a chance to use their skills in contributing to projects through a fair, collaborative, and equal manner, the research process empowers citizens in numerous ways. Cultural appropriateness programs play a critical role in community psychology because it cultivates cultural knowledge while dealing with community psychology.


Peoples’ diversity should work towards strengthening ties amongst different communities. People should realize that, in spite of their physical differences, they should appreciate one another. They ought to learn from one another to enhance cultural knowledge. Reference

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