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Baby Fantasy Inc


1.1.   The problem

Baby Fantasy is a company which takes part in manufacture of baby products, some of these being soap, baby powder, carriers’ trolleys and baby bath fantasy. There has been a case of customer dissatisfaction from the product of Baby Bath Fantasy and baby powder. This is evident from many complains which are arising from most parents about these products. They are complaining that the baby bath is tipping suddenly on the right-hand corner of the lower end of the bath. And the baby powder is causing rashes on the baby’s body after application. The company uses its website to advertise on these products. This has led to the conducting of this research to determine the effectiveness of this baby bath and how to improve the website to look appealing and enable them to regain the lost trust on these products by most customers.

1.2.   The Objective

To try to insert a section in the website where customers can drop their questions on any issue. To try to promote the new bath product which the company has proposed to be designed in replacement of the current product. To try to insert small video clips demonstrating on the use of these products.

1.3.   Research questions

How has the website improved the customer knowledge on the use of the baby bath and baby powder?

How effective will the video clips be in the process of regaining, retaining and sustaining the customer trust in these two products?

1.4.   Data collection Methods

The methods to be used in gathering data will include literature search which comprise searching of information from media, internet and magazines with issues related to the website enrichment to capture customer satisfaction fully. Also talking to the customers who have had problems with these products will be done through personal interviews, telephone or even email and internet surveys.

1.5.   Summary of the study

From the research questions it is clear that customers lack the knowledge and have no access to the productive directions on how to use these two products. Customers have been trying to go through website without searching for demonstrative clips on the use of these products.

1.6.   Conclusion

The research shows that customers have stopped to use these two products because they cannot find important information on them from the company’s website. The company’s president should push the company’s experts on in developing these proposed changes.

Baby Dreams INC.

This goes to all our esteemed customers.

Following the complaints the company has been receiving from our customers, especially the parents, the company’s management takes this opportunity to apologize for the faultiness that has occurred in the Baby Bath Fantasy. As a whole, team of Baby Dream Inc. highly appreciates the compliments we have been receiving earlier. We, therefore, inform you that these mistakes in the product are being worked on.

The company’s management has also proposed compensations to be given to all our customers who have fallen victims to the faulty product. The company, therefore, is calling on its customers to

  • Return the Baby Fantasy products with numbers BBF-8796 and BBF-8799 to the stores they purchased them. They also have the alternative of shipping them directly to the company. Another option is for them to be issued with Baby Bath Deluxe, a design the company has been making for 10 years.
  • Customers affected can also avail themselves the company’s offer to receive a cash refund.

As the management of Baby Dream Inc. we have directed our designing team to develop a new revised model which will have higher barrier to tipping. There is also a new product that the company has been working on for the last 10 years, known as Baby Bath Deluxe. Should there be any complaints on the new product and newly revised products we shall highly appreciate your response. We do believe that we are in a position to give you full satisfaction and serve you well with our new products.

Ref: Request to post an advert in your website.

Following the rising number of children with disabilities, we are taking this opportunity as the outreach club in requesting you to allow us to place an announcement in your website describing the barbeque aims and objectives to all well-wishers and potential donors as well. The city of Sutton lacks facilities to cater for children with disabilities. Therefore the community outreach club has come up with a project to raise money which will be used in constructing a playground. The playground will be used for serving the needs of the children with disabilities. The research did show that the playground will serve 12,000 children from the surrounding area.

The site of the new playground will be adjacent to the current children’s playground. A fundraising barbeque has been planned for next month with Alicia Lopez, the Clinical Director of the children’s hospital, as the host. She is the one who would explain the guests all the requirements, equipment and activities for the new playground. All the questions concerning the project will be answered by the director on the due date.

We are therefore calling on the well-wishers and potential donors to come out and donate for this project $ 25 so that we will be able to shape the life of the disabled children physically.

On behalf of the whole outreach club fraternity we look forward to your cooperation in giving us an opportunity to put the advert in your website.

We will highly appreciate your response.

Thank you in advance.

The community outreach club of Sutton city.

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