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Business Ethics in the Technology Industry

Globalization and the emergence of current trends in the economy have called for the adoption of good ethics in all spheres of work. Initially, it was perceived that the use of technology would positively impact the lives of many people. Therefore, ethical issues concerning technological advancements were assumed and went almost nonexistent. However, the tremendous use of computers today to serve various purposes in life requires good adherence to ethics in order to reduce exploitation. Ethics is a set of rules of conduct or moral code of behavior. It is an art of determining what is right or good. An organization should be providing rules and regulations especially at the times of a dilemma. The success of any business industry relies on how the managers respond to the various challenges faced in the process of running different activities. Currently, the society is composed of many multifaceted computers that raise the concern for protecting individuals against hacking and other cyber crimes. Consequently, the technology industries such as Yahoo and Google should come to the aid of their customers by setting up policies that ought to be followed.

Ethical Issues Evident In Firms

It is worth noting that the code of conduct established by the management greatly influences the destiny of a given firm. Therefore, the managers should know how to promote good working environment for their workers. It is noted that job satisfaction among the employees motivate them to deliver their best in the firm. Moreover, proper customer relation and maintaining good reputation of the company gives it an upper hand. Ethical issues that relate to both computer technology and cyber technology should be treated with a lot seriousness in this modern society.Technonolgy plays a very essential role in our daily lives. For instance, we use computers to enhance and promote good relationship among ourselves. Social sites such as Face book and Twitter have made it possible to communicate with different across the world. Furthermore, a business is able to thrive well when it uses these sites effectively. Cyber technology enables the businesspeople to carry out different transactions all over the world through the use of the internet. Moreover, advertisements aired through various social networking sits provide the consumers with the current news about the products. Furthermore, business partnerships have been facilitated through the use of computer technology.

The success of any given business organization depends on the kind of decisions made by the top managers and board of directors. Cyber technology has enhances the way decisions are made. For example, the use of teleconferencing minimizes movements and enables the managers to reach a consensus on the business can be taken to the next level.Moreover, the meeting held through the use of computers is normally quite appealing and efficient. In addition, the records of the meeting can easily be retrieved by the workers who may choose to refer to them at any given time. Technology provides an opportunity for the employees to understand the core company values and norms. Sound guidance enhanced through cyber technology enables an organization to reduce the costs incurred in the decision making process. As a matter of fact, the sense of belonging is promoted if the employees are capable of relating well with the employers.

There are some ethical issues that seem relevant to an organization while in real sense they only hamper its growth and development. It is true that every technology industry strives to satisfy the desire of their customers as they also make profits. Therefore, it is important to uphold morally upright behaviors even as these carry out their operations. For instance, the presence of spams that is evident in Google mails and Yahoo mails are not very beneficial since they deny the consumers the right to privacy. The companies should look the means of preventing the unwanted messages that are frequently received by their customers. They ought to honor confidentiality in order to avoid harm that may be caused to the consumers.

Unethical Issues Evident In the Technology Industry

Although socialization is a good culture that is required element across the world to promote peace and harmony, the tech companies ought to consider the various consequences associated with it. For instance, the use of immoral language as seen most dating sites is unethical. Moreover, ponographic sites only breeds a morally decayed society that has lost direction. Emphasis has been placed in earning huge profits through operating these sites that only harm the people visiting them. Even though there are normally restrictions put in terms of age required to view pornography, I am for the opinion that stringent legal measures should be outlined to discourage the operations of these sites. Moreover, it is very unfortunate that many consumers have consistently suffered exploitation from some people who deprive them of their rights. Many consumers are not advised by the tech companies that establishes the social networking sites. Consequently, the numerous cyber crimes are committed daily. The privacy of others is not put into considerations since most companies on how to run different activities mainly for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, most customers are not well conversant with the use of the modern technology.

Currently there are prevalent theft of data, equipment and forgery of electronic mail messages that increases the chances of insecurity level in the whole world. Fraudulent use of somebody else’s computing resources and unauthorized access of files are some of the common unethical practices done in today’s society. Furthermore, the tech companies should be at the fore front in ensuring that these behaviors are avoided by all means possible. However, it is noted that the legal framework that is used in the establishment of most technology industries is usually inappropriate and hence many destructive misconducts are experienced.

Ethical Crisis

There are some times that an organization may be found in moral dilemma and fail to know what to do. This is because of the different definitions of moral values that are normally considered right or wrong. Therefore, it is significant for an organization to articulately specify the facts of the situation prevailing and be in a position to define what a moral dilemma is. Moreover, it should be capable of indentifying the various interests and clarify the values and principles to be taken. Lastly, the firm ought to formulate options and indentify the potential results. Furthermore, a number of concerns on ethics emanate from different quarters especially during the times of dilemma. For example, the person that influences the organizational policy and the role played by the management in ensuring efficient and smooth operations of the company. Also, when a confidential data is hacked different questions are asked on the effort put in ensuring data integrity. In addition, corporate information is usually a great secret should be kept confidential at all times. Thus, the privacy of the personal information collected and used should be secured. In times of crisis, the organizations should be proactive when identifying and discussing the ethical issues associated with technology.

Ethics is the main aspect that should be given the first opportunity when establishing technology industry. Efficient guidelines should be put in place to ensure that acceptable and responsible behaviors are adhered to. Cyber technology and computer technology can only be beneficial to all of us if the companies are capable of maintaining surveillance and close monitoring of various accounts accessed by the consumers. Moreover, the industries should know what is best for their customers and arrest those who are involved in exploiting the computer users.

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