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Business Plan for Liquipel

Executive Summary

Liquipel is a company in the United States that has revolutionized the technology industry through the creation of a new technology in the field of Nanocoating. Liquipel headquarters are situated in Southern Carolina, and over the last five years, the company has researched and developed innovative coatings. With the persistent demand for water-safe electronics, the company came into its present market domain. Liquipel is the first company in the world to offer nanocoating technology to her consumers.

Liquipel is a revolutionary process that has continued to apply water-safe coating to electronics and other related devices. This technology aims at protecting electronic devices from exposure to liquids. This means that this technology enables electronic devices to become liquid repellant when exposed to liquids that may destroy them. Liquipel is a nanocoating technology that undergoes a propriety process under application. This process starts with placing electronic devices in a chamber of a Liquipel Machine. The machine removes the air and creates a vacuum, and releases a special vapor that permeates the whole device, internally and externally. This Liquipel then creates a bond and leaves the device water-safe.

The company I have decided to start is called Liquipel. I will be leasing this new technology from the mother company located in the United States. The machine uses Nano coating technology found only on the surface of the sun. What it does is that when one puts a phone in the machine, it is Nano coated and becomes water proof. The key objective of the company is provision of the solutions to the problems that relate to water damage to electronic devices. The company in the U.A.E. will lease the technology from the mother company in the United States. Many opportunities exist in this nano-technology industry. The market growth expectations are large.

The company will open a shop where customers will have the ability to make their phones waterproof. In addition, they will have an opportunity to go online to the website. I am going to start and pre-order a new phone and Nano coat. The customers can pick it up at the store or it can be sent to them through a delivery service. The company intends to coopertate with one of the Telecommunication companies. This will enable the company develop a competitive advantage over other telecommunication companies before they lease phones. In addition, Liquipel will target main phone shops like Axiom, Emirates Computers, Fono, and other well-branded phone companies. This will give them a significant competitive advantage, and Liquipel can make reasonable revenues in this way.

Industry Description

The industry of nanocoating is one of the newest in the world. The intensive work of a team of scientists on development of the coating materials  has shown the potential that is possible to use the technology in the phone industry. Due to revolutionary invention it is possible to coat electronic gadgets and waterproofe them. The company operates in the services industry and offers industrial services to consumers. Its main area of operation is electrocoating. In addition, it offers technology to nanotechnology and provides nano-materials.

Business Description

The name of the company that I need to establish is Liquipel. This is a new technology that I will be leasing from the mother company located in the United States. The machine uses Nano coating technology found only on the surface of the sun. The technology allows nano coating and making the phones waterproof. After the phone is stored in the machine, it undergoes certain processes and becomes nano coated. Therefore, my business will be about making phones water proof. I will be opening a store and customers will be able to walk in and make their phones water proof. On the other hand, they would go online to the website I am going to start, and pre-order a new phone with a nano coat for it. The customers can then pick it up at the store or it can be sent to them through a delivery service.

Products and/or Services

The company seeks to provide nanocoating technologies to the consumers. This is the main product that the company intends to introduce in the market after leasing the technology from the main company in the United States. The shop in U.A.E will be one of its kind in the country. It will focus on providing of the services by cooperating with the market phone suppliers by emphasizing on nanocoating technology. The waterproofing services will form the foundation of the company.

In addition, the shop will also offer delivery services to customers that have made orders on waterproofing of their electronic devices. The company will conduct delivery services at a fee so as to enable the company to generate revenue.

Facilities and Assets

The main facilities and assets of the company include the leased premises that house the company. This is a long-term lease as the company intends to provide the waterproofing services in the region. More importantly, the company also will buy the Liquipel pressurizing chamber that is useful in providing these services to clients in Dubai.

The History of the Company

The company’s history dates back to the last five years in which its scientists in the mother company have done extensive research on the waterproofing technologies. This is one of the biggest milestones taken by the company over the last five years, and it provided the innovation of nanocoating technologies.

Success Factors

This technology is the first of its kind of service in the U.A.E. This is a key success factor for the company, and it has made it enhance a key market niche in this region. The company is the only one that has provided waterproofing services for mobile phones and electronic devices. In addition, it has continued to earn high revenues from the provision of these services.

One of the key ways in which the company focuses on enhancing this market niche is in terms of putting in place mechanisms for interactive methods of purchasing the service which can be done either online via at the store. Consequently, it has provided the basis for enhancing invisible protection against damage. This has extensively enabled clients to reduce warranty failure and repair costs with respect to the services that they provide. The estimated annual sales for the company will be US$ 60,000.

Innovative Products

The company is initiating new products that will improve its market position. One of the ways in which the company has enhanced innovation is by initiating the pre-inventory program that focuses on coating devices for retailers. The company also collaborates with manufactures in the manufacturing program. This enables them to integrate the Liquipel technology in their production process to produce devices that have the water repelling qualities.


The opportunities that exist for the company are multiple. The company has a competitive advantage as it will be the only one specializing in this unique service, which will be an attraction to a large number of customers. In addition, the company has a vast potential of spreading within the GCC region. This may lead to the opening of several new branches. Therefore, Liquipel will be able to increase its revenue. It is of the essence to note that the Liquipel technology may be available and usable in coating any type of consumer electronics, for example, headphones, notebooks, laptops, tablets, among others. This will provide a wide market for the company to develop its activities.

The contracts with the telecommunication industry in the U.A.E would provide key opportunities for the company. This would entitle the company to get the key contracts from companies like DU, Etisalat and probably sign up a deal with them to Nano-coat the mobile phones.

This will lead to more opportunities for revenue generation, and through the extension of this service on a special rate for wholesale and sales in bulk, it will attract more companies in the electronic industry to get their devices water repelling qualities. This is likely to be asource of more revenues for the company. Other opportunities for the company exist in the aviation industry. For instance, nanocoating technology will enable the reduction of the build-up of debris on the aircraft’s structure. Key players in the aviation industry like the Emirates Air will provide a possible opportunity for the company.

Business investors interested in investing in the project may provide more avenues for national and international expansion. In addition, the ongoing research on nano-technology may lead to the development of a scratch resistant form of nanocoating. This will improve the sustainability of the project and create avenues for further growth of the company. There is a possibility of using the nanocoating technology in the health industry within the U.A.E and the GCC region. This is possible to use nanocoating in the hearing protection.

Production Plan

The production plan for the company will provide how it will go about ensuring the feasibility of the business. This will include introduction of the facility in which the company will offer the industrial services.

Facilities and Asset

The company will operate in the information technology industry that is one of the largest in the market. In offering this waterproofing technology to market, the company will seek to deliver the best product in the market on time and with the right budget. The company will have a store at the heart of Dubai, in an accessible facility. The company will occupy an area of approximately 2000 square feet. This will be the first customer center that will be equipped with the Liquipel(TM) machine. In addition, the company will lease the Liquipel machine from the mother company in order to provide these services.

Supplies and Materials

The suppliers are close within Hong Kong in the LQP Asia Limited Company that provides these services in the Asian market. This is the secondary key supplier of this technology in the U.A.E. The key supplier will be Liquipel™; the mother company in the United States. In addition, the key material for the provision of this service will be the Liquipel Machine.


The company will put in place officers that will be responsible for service provision. The employees will work in the customer department desk, screen the devices on whether they are compatible with the Liquipel technology, and deliver the devices that the company has coated to the clients. The key departments will be public relations charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the company gets adequate publicity, finance department that identifies the financiers of the project, the administration department that facilitates efficient working environment. In addition, the company will have the IT department that will be responsible for coating the devices. This department will ensure that functional decencies occur within the company. The company shall have 10 employees, 4 employees in the IT department, and 2 in the other departments. The compensations and benefits for the employees will follow the remuneration polices of U.A.E.


The company will comply with the environmentally friendly technologies and will follow the safety policies put in place by Liquipel™. In addition, it will take about 3 months to introduce the Liquipel technology in the U.A.E.

Marketing Plan

The unique characteristics of the Liquipel technology is the ability to coat devices and keep them waterproof. Liquipel™ provides one of the most innovative electro-coating technologies within the industry. The company will seek to establish a market niche in the industry.

The market

Under the marketing plan, the company will target the businessmen and consumers in the mass consumer electronic market. They are the key consumers that the company will seek to provide the waterproofing technology to. The potential that exists in this sector is large, and this will enhance the competitive advantage for the company. The company will target about 100 businesses in the U.A.E and a large consumer’s base. It will target companies in the telecommunications, aviation, and the health industry. The market share for the company will depend on the consumers' willingness to adopt the new Liquipel technology. Since the company is the first of its category in the U.A.E, the level of competition is low, thereby putting the market share for the company at 100 percent.


The innovation in the IT sector will ensure the development of the Liquipel technology. While it is the first technology that provides the waterproofing services to customers, future technologies in nanocoating will impact positively the company.

The company has put in place strategies that will ensure it adapts to changes in the industry. This includes collaborating with the producers of the electronic devices to integrate Liquipel technology in the manufacturing facilities. The company offers two programs that include pretreated inventory where retailers treat their devices with Liquipel. In addition, manufacturing collaboration will involve production of the devices that have water repelling properties before they get to the market.

Action Plan

The company will adopt aggressive advertising in order to enhance its publicity. It will initiate promotional strategies that will ensure that businesses identify the company. The promotions should focus on making people to market Liquipel as an essential technology that will keep their devices waterproof. This anchors on the premise that people are highly depend on their electronics to conduct business, and it will be Liquipel’s priority to keep their devices safe.

Finally, the promotional strategies will focus on tapping into the social media networks like MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook to improve the information about the Liquipel technology among the consumers. The company intends to cooperate with one of the Telecommunication companies in order to develop a competitive advantage over other telecommunication companies before they lease phones. In addition, Liquipel will target main phone shops like Axiom, Emirates Computers, Fono, and other well branded phone companies.


The company will need an estimated amount of US$ 50, 000 that will constitute the startup capital. The company finances will depend on loans and personal investments. The company will seek a loan of US$30, 000 while the rest will come from personal investments. The company expects to recoup the investments within one year based on the current business and economic expectations.

Market Share

The company is the only one in the U.A.E. This makes the market share for it to be 100 percent. The estimated annual sales are US$ 60,000. The estimated fixed costs for the company will amount to US$10,000.

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