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Channels Preferred by Arab Business Students


Arabian students pursuing business courses always have prospects of getting better jobs as soon as they complete their courses successfully. They specialize in various areas that include Management, Finance, Management Information Systems, Accounting, and Marketing. With appropriate qualifications in these fields, Arabic business students are always confident that they would get the best paying jobs. Thus, these students search for jobs using various channels that they perceive to be most effective for them. According to the research, the available channels that they use include relatives, wasta, friends, counselors, advertisements, visiting a company, and instructors.

This paper explicates the various channels used by Arabian students in searching for jobs.

According to the research, Arab Business students prefer using advertisements while looking for potential employers. Advertising is a form of communication that clarifies vital information relating to the company and potential employees. These students get information from advertisements conveyed through e-mails, posters, television, newspapers, radios, and company websites. The research asserts that these students are always eager to ensure that they do not miss adverts. In fact, most of them would always visit company websites with the aim of getting some information relating to jobs. According to Kamal (2002) companies would also post the information on various mass media such as television, radio, and newspapers hence providing channels through which these students learn about the existing job opportunities in the society. In addition, these students search for jobs by reading posters that are strategically placed at the required points within their locations. Advertisements provide a channel to these students because they clarify the requirements for the job.

The research points out that students would also prefer wasta as a vital channel. This is a channel that depends on nepotism. This means that Arab students would prefer to use influence in search of their required jobs. They are always keen on this channel because it offers quicker opportunities if one knows various individuals within the company. According to the research, wasta is a common practice in most Arabian countries such as Jordan that benefits individuals while affecting the progress of the entire community. Thus, while using this channel to search for jobs students are always cautious in order to avoid negative consequences that they might face in case they are caught using this channel. Auc Press & Journalism (2006) points out that this channel is against ethics and is required to follow certain standards in business because it retards the community as only a few known individuals are given jobs.

Business students prefer using relatives as an easier channel for getting the intended jobs. According to the research, relatives who hold higher positions in various companies are significant channels that are used by Arab Business students. They also depend on relatives who have influence in the society and connections in various companies. This makes their job searching exercises easier because they use lesser efforts. Most of the details are presented to the required authorities by relatives hence making the entire process of looking for a job simpler. The research points out that relatives are one of the best channels that Arab Business students use because it reduces the costs incurred in moving from one place to another while searching for jobs. Business students who have relatives in power always have easier chances of getting desired jobs.

According to the research, Arab Business students would also prefer visiting various companies. This is a situation whereby students take the initiative to physically present themselves to various companies they perceive as potential employers. This is a crucial channel because it involves courage and determination. Using this channel, students carry with them their required credentials as they visit various countries. They carry documents that contain information relating to various qualifications and their curricula vitae. These students have to visit various offices within various organizations as they inquire for job opportunities. Visiting companies is also a significant channel because it enables the authorities to meet the potential candidate face-to-face and assess him in a better way. Research points out that most students would successfully get vital job opportunities as they personally present themselves to various organizations when searching for jobs.

Friends are another form of the core channel for Arab Business students. According to the research, most of these students make many friends throughout their lifetime. They have friends from their childhood, throughout their early education, and higher education levels. Thus, friends would consider them for any job opportunity in case one is available. This is common in those cases when the friendship bond is strong. The research indicates that some of their friends own family businesses in which they easily indulge these students. Arab Business students would be easily embraced in the family businesses owned by their friends. Waldman (2011) states that friends are also a vital channel for these students as some of them get employed earlier before them. Therefore, they would introduce them to the authorities within the company making it easier for these students to acquire the jobs they intend to get.

These students also prefer to use the services of the counselor as a vital channel. Counselors refer to individuals that help people explore various feelings and emotions related to their life experiences. This is a significant channel because it gives these students an opportunity to discover their potentials when they search for jobs. Counselors offer these students an opportunity to present their various facts relating to job searching and the experiences they have undergone so far. Confidentiality is always a core factor in promoting their chances of getting the available job opportunities. Therefore, Business students discover quality job searching skills due to their counselors. They learn how to present themselves to various organizations as they search for job opportunities hence increasing their chances of being employed.

The research asserts that Arab Business students also use instructors as vital channels for searching jobs. Instructors are individuals that give directions to these students on how to look for jobs. They offer the vital information needed for these students as they seek for jobs. According to the research, instructors help students discover their potential and offer significant advice that would help them access various job opportunities. According to Sánchez-Páramo & Bank (2002), instructors are also vital channels as they present vital information relating to various companies, their terms and conditions of working, and their compensation. This information helps these students search for jobs in companies that are in a position to protect their interests and satisfy their needs.

In conclusion, Arab Business students are always confident of getting well-paid jobs as they successfully graduate from universities. They get degrees in different fields such as Management, Accounting, and Finance and therefore they have higher chances when looking for jobs in various organizations with the belief they would be employed and ensured in terms of security and compensation. Thus, these students prefer various channels even as they search for their jobs. They would prefer friends because they simplify the procedures involved in seeking jobs. In addition, these students also use wasta, which refers to favoritism as they look for a potential employer. They consider individuals that they know hence using influence to get the desired jobs. Family relationships, advertisements, counselors, and instructors are also among the most preferred channels that these students use. The research asserts that all of these channels have been helpful to these students in their search for jobs in various companies and organizations.

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