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Characteristics of Constructive Feedback

The manner in which feedback is relayed determines how best information is passed from a sender to intended receiver. Even though everyone has the potential to give an effective feedback, the success of communication varies from one individual to another. This is because various techniques of giving efficient feedback could only be achieved if the fundamental guidelines are followed.

Most importantly, a constructive feedback should be descriptive and giver of the feedback should consider the feeling of the peer before giving the feedback. Unscrupulous emotions should not suffice because peers need descriptive views rather than emotional sentiments. Additionally, the feedback should be specific by getting rid of any unhelpful generalizations in the response. At all times, the pundit should employ appropriate illustrations in the feedback for clarity on the receivers’ end. This will provide peers with sufficient information that they need to clear any doubt in their mental skies. 

Typical of any constructive feedback, attention should focus on the receiver’s behavior rather than the personality. The sender should concentrate his efforts on giving out a clear feedback since putting much focus on the personality will ensures that the feedback giver in flexible in the delivery of a feedback. It is worth mention that while giving a feedback one should ensure that his/her needs and those of the peers are adequately met. In this manner, the receiver will definitely get satisfied with the response.

Finally, it is very essential for the sender to be realistic when giving the feedback.  To ensure that the peer is in a position to act on the feedback, the sender should avoid giving information that can cause an imminent distress and anxiety to the peer, for instance, reminding the peers of a health problem. Effective communication therefore forms the pinnacle of a good feedback.

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