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Design Brief

Business Objectives

Mr Chic Company specializes in men’s accessories. These include accessories ranging from ties, bow ties, cufflinks, sunglasses, hats, belts, watches, bags and wallets, scarves and gloves. The accessories are unique because they target people with a sense of fashion as the designers intended for a hi-tech, elegant, and classy completion of the accessories through use of quality materials for making the accessories.

The target market for the accessories is the United States market, because it has a population that avails a ready market for the commodities. In addition, the US is the only target market because the population is with purchasing power in relation to the accessories. It should also be noted that the US market is targeted because the products are manufactured in the country, which reduces costs in relation to international marketing.

Basing on the aforementioned points, the company seeks to achieve a constant market with limited competition, as we produce accessories with high quality material. The company also wants to capture a market that is style-conscious as the accessories are manufactured in various designs and colors, to complement the customer’s needs. The company’s Logo reflects the design adopted on the products by the company. Thus, this explains why the company will achieve its goal concerning market, as it has advertised its production via different media. Some of these media sources include websites, phone advertisements, magazines and truck advertisements.

Market Position

The company’s products have been made to meet the standards required by the Government Bureau of Standards. It means that the clothes are made from high quality material that has been tested and proven to cause no bodily harm for the consumers. In addition, the clothes have a soft inner clothing completion to ensure the comfort of a consumer and enhance sweat absorption. In addition, the materials used for making the sunglasses have been tested to ensure that they do not have any effects on the consumers’ skin and eyes. The safety of the products has also been ensured using labels stuck on the clothes regarding how they are supposed to be washed to prevent damage on the material used. Above all, the company’s accessories have been made in a way that makes them easy to use by consumers. For instance, ties come with a fastener, which any consumer knows how to use easily.

In order to counter our competitors such as “Armani” and “Nordstrom”, our company has enhanced the appearance of our products to reflect the modern man in terms of design and material used in the manufacture of the company’s products. For instance, instead of the normal shiny material used in the manufacture of hats, our company has incorporated the same material, but has toned down the reflection capacity of the material, which makes it comfortable with customers that do not prefer hats that reflect with light. Scarves and gloves have been enhanced with a thick velvet material, to ensure comfort and warmth of our clients. The scarves and gloves differ from those from “Armani” displayed below.

Mr Chic is a company established in 2012, but emerged as a strong competitor with the existing company in the market. The company was established discovering the need to make clothes and accessories that inspire and reflect the sophisticated, modern corporate man. The company recommends various trends including sunglasses, ties, and hats. Currently, the company produces accessories that can easily satisfy the local market, which also forms the target market.

Mr Chic Company targets the modern corporate males from age 37 to 47. The company wants the target market to feel comfortable and confidence with our products. In addition, the company wants the target market to feel simple and plain while at the same time sophisticated.

Corporate/Brand Personality

The image of the company’s accessories may be described using myriad terms such as classy, elegant, sophisticated and chic. The company’s sunglasses and watches, scarves and gloves, bag and wallets come in diverse colors and  customer can decide which one to buy. In addition, the accessories have a sense of elegance from shiny material used in the manufacture of watches and sunglasses. The shiny material reflects constantly and does not need light to be conspicuous. Thus, this adds to the products classy nature as not all our competitors employ the materials our company utilizes in manufacturing males products.


In order to come up with outstanding male accessories, the company researched different existing male wear accessory dealers such as “Armani”, “Nordstrom”, and “Brooks Brothers”. From “Brooks Brothers”, our company established the use of Supima Cotton for making ties that do not require ironing. In addition, the material is soft and luxurious. From the Brooks Brothers website, it was indicated that more than 100 shirts made from Supima Cotton have been sold, and customers have availed positive feedback regarding the material. Information regarding sunglasses originated from Nordstrom website and from the website it was obvious that, “shades with a classic finish not only complements a person’s face, but also the outfit.” Armani Collezioni website was instrumental regarding material employed in finishing the straps of watches, and they quote that “the straps are sweat free…”

Design Solutions

Different design solutions incorporated by the company revolve around logo, packaging and websites. The company has employed websites because many people access the Internet currently, it makes easier to get the information regarding the company. Company’s logo has also been employed, which distinguishes our company’s products from those of our competitors. The logo appears on packaging material, letterheads and business cards.

In order to enhance marketing of our products, different images such as men wearing suit, sunglasses and ties have been employed. The images appear in different colors, to convey to the customer the variety of accessories that our company offers.

I will place advertisements in the following magazines including Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Parents, and Business Weekly.These magazines form the target magazines that our potential customers read as they are interested in parenting and business. The magazines require advertisements to comprise material that befits adults, which is our company’s target.

The concept of the advertisements will revolve around showing the myriad male selections that are of excellent quality provided by our company. This will be facilitated by many products depicted in the advertisement, which are made from various materials.

Color features as one design element are used in my advertisements. Color depicts the quality of sunglasses and clothing in the advertisements. For instance, the sunglasses appear to be shiny, which is an indication of light reflecting on the shades. Line is another element which helps depict how the thorough the clothing line by our company is. Negative space is a principle used in advertisements and it helps denote how a person feels when adorned in products from our company.

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