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E-Business in Texas City

Technology has virtually changed everything in terms of business operations. In this paper the focus is on the kind of value internet business has helped in creating value for business operations. Specifically, the focus is on how creation of customer satisfaction and relation has been enhanced by the use of the e-business concept. The concept of e-business is defined as using the internet as the main tool of operation. According to Lientz (2001, p. 231), a person who wants to experience e-business has to be technology savvy. This is significant because it means that only people, who understand computer based technology and manipulation of the internet, can be able to sell and buy using the e-business concept. Canzer (2005, p.xiv) is of the view that this field has been characterized by a number of complexities and is a reserve for few people in the world. In this paper, the focus is on the benefits that are derived in terms of customer service from using e-business operations.

The effects that e-business has had on customer service is enormous. According to Gasos (2003, p. 10), this has completely changed the way businesses sell their services and products to the customers. Pride (2011, p. 483) notes that today, customers get their goods and services at a click of a button, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. The goods and services are just ‘a click away’ and one of the effects on consumer relation is that interactivity and effective communications are enhanced. These are the two critical elements of e-business, and which have helped in adding value to the relations with the customers. This study is confined in Texas City, and this is in recognition of the business nature in the city.

Background of the Study

There have been huge transformations in the way businesses are conducted. In United States, the debate as to whether brick and mortar stores are relevant is huge, and whether the online shopping method would last for ever. The attribution is that people will no longer be going to a shop to get a product, and instead, people would be ordering and buying goods and services from the internet. Texas City in United States has to an extent a negative association, especially when it comes to crime. It can be expected that small, medium and large businesses are yet to take up online shopping. The study therefore focuses on this particular area and analyzes whether this new method in Texas City has gained full recognition, and as to whether it has proved positive in customer service.

Justification for the Study

This research study is justified and relevant to the target audience. The research aims at finding out whether the online business is advantageous or disadvantageous to people in terms of customer service. The question is scientifically formulated, where; it is in a hypothetical form and can lead to the researcher formulating a research design. The research questions are relevant and make it possible for the researcher to explain the variability and differing outcomes based on differing conditions. As well, the question is posed in a manner that can give more than one result, that is, it is possible to refute the hypothesis.

Research Null Hypothesis

The null hypothesis for this research wants to agree with the modern trends that online businesses are taking over brick and mortar kind of businesses. In United States, the trend is clear on where business operations are heading, and though Texas City is largely believed to be not developed as compared to others such as New York, it has a lot of online small, medium and large businesses which have gone online. Therefore, the null hypothesis for the paper is:

E-business has had a great impact for business people in Texas City, especially in the way they relate with their customers. The customers are bound to appreciate the effects online businesses in Texas City, especially in making shopping a one-stop issue.

Alternative Hypothesis

There are a number of alternative hypothesis in this research and among them are;

a) Most Texas City residents are not techno-savvy, and therefore, they may not appreciate emergence of computer based technology.

b) Online business only kills customer service, and this is because there is no one-on-one kind of shopping or relation between the seller and the buyer.

c) E-business is laborious and customers are only bound to hate the service; essentially, making relationship between the customer and the business owner has a sour relationship.

d) In E-business operations, the customer is only bound to be suspicious and uncertain on what he or she is provided by the seller through the internet.

Research Objectives

a) To analyze the development of online business operation in Texas City as compared to other cities in United States of America.

b) To analyze the past, the present and the future of E-business in Texas City and especially in regard to the satisfaction of the customer and his or her relation with the business persons.

c) To investigate the positive attributes that comes with the E-business concept in Texas City especially in regard to addition of value in customer service.

d) To investigate the negative attributes that are associated with the E-business concept in Texas City especially as correlated with destruction of value in customer service.

Research Questions

a) What positive attributes are correlated with online business?

b) What negative attributes are correlated with online business?

c)  How is customer service enhanced by online business?

d)  What is the future of online business in terms of customer service?

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