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Five Guys Burgers and Fries


In the increasingly competitive world of business today, companies are finding themselves caught in a scenario where they have to either upgrade their strategies to achieve a competitive edge or face the risk of being wiped out (Herrman, 2008). Agreeably, a business must put in all measures to ensure that once the client walks out of the door, he would come again. According to Ehmke (2008), the key to success of any business is the capacity and the capability of the business to retain its customers as well as attract new ones. In this context, this paper seeks to highlight main aspects of a company that is considered to be an enormous success in its industry, Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Brief History of the Company

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a fast food company that was started more than 15 years ago by Jerry Murrell and his wife Janie in 1986. Jerry and his four sons are the ones who coined the name ‘Five Guys’ for the fast food business. By 2001, the Murrells had managed to acquire five outlets all scattered over the state. This success enabled them to franchise their business beginning from 2002. This was the start of their unprecedented and monumental success in the fast food business. Currently, there are over six hundred stores that are run under this brand name with reported annual revenues of over 500 millions of dollars in the year 2010 (Five Guys website, n.d). This success in a world where so many businesses collapse every single day has led to the need to conduct an analysis of the company in a bid to identify successful features and strategies employed by this company.

Five Guys’ Philosophy

The Five Guys’ philosophy of absolute perfection in the preparation and cooking of their burgers has set the company apart from the many companies involved in the business of fast food today. The concept of perfection in the food industry is hugely revered and businesses striving to take root here must take this into consideration (Knaflewska & Pospiech, 2007)

Original Values for the Startup Company. Five Guys Burgers and Fries’ business was started on unusually humble value, that of perfection. The Give Guys knew that the best marketing way for the customers, and the guarantee of perfection of their burgers meant the wish of the clients to come back. This value has made the company retain its relevance even today.

Factors Contributing to the Success of the Company. The abrupt success of the company, taken from the abysses of oblivion and positioned as a global player, has been driven by a number of underlying factors of success. These factors are discussed in the ensuing analysis. The basic success factor of Five Guys’ fast food can be viewed as inherent. This idea is based on the values that define the operations of the company. The tendency of perfection, stemming from the way the company prepares its burgers and fries is the key factor of success. It includes the selection of the potatoes, the ingredients used and the method of preparation. Five Guys’ fast foods prepare its burgers in an extremely accurate way. Thus, they are hand-formed and cooked to perfection on a grill. Fries are cooked with the use of peanut oil. The company uses only freshly ground beef that contains no freezers preferring coolers rather than freezing of food. Their menu is purely trans-fat-free. This is a decidedly different module of food preparation as compared to the way other companies prepare theirs.

The low pricing of their products also makes the clients come back for more every time. According to Bernoff (2011), customers love having products and services at their highest possible quality but at the lowest possible prices in the market. 

Sound management structure of the company was also instrumental in the success of Five Guys’ fast foods. With each member of the family serving a particular role in a particular department it was easy to manage, and decisions that were made in the company were solid because of the combined brain power. Franchising also put the company into heights of success in the financial setup. Those individuals, who bought franchises from the original company had to commit themselves to the observation of acutely stringent measures of quality. These aspects were fulfilled to maintain that the original quality of the Five Guys’ products was not compromised.

Ethical and Social Practices in Five Guys. Five Guys’ fast foods have embraced a number of ethical and social practices as part of their culture. Some of these practices are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Food Ingredients. Five Guys’ fast foods observe meticulous care in sourcing for the ingredients of the foods that they cook. They make sure that they have the best quality potatoes for their fries. The main sale item, burger, is prepared from fresh beef. Then they use peanut oil in place of the ordinary sunflower oil.

Food Preparation. Burgers at Five Guys’ are prepared in a basic manner. They are nicely hand formed and grilled. The fries are deep-fried in peanut oil.

Simple Decoration. Five guys do not spend much time on decoration, opting instead to spend the money on improvement of food quality. The company has a well-known policy of going overboard on their food preparation and quality keeping the other factors such as decoration downright simple.

Very Fair Pricing. Five Guys’ company has been renowned for selling its high quality foods, especially burgers and fries at a remarkably reasonable price. The fact that they do not compromise their food quality despite this substantial price reduction only makes them more appealing to the target market.

A Wide Variety of Hamburgers. Five Guys’ fast food offers quite a diverse variety of hamburgers on order. They also offer outside catering and deliveries.

No Frozen Products. Five Guys’ fast food does not deal with any frozen products, preferring fresh produce. Despite the many requests from customers, the company maintains its policy of fresh production. They make sure that their beef is fresh. Furthermore, they sell fresh ice cream and fresh milk.


From the preceding discussion, it is apparent that Five Guys’ Burgers and Fries belongs to companies with a difference. The success and tremendous growth of the company had resulted in a string of well-observed mechanisms threaded together with a core concept of quality and perfection. It is to be concluded here that if the company keeps on trucking without undermining the values that put it on the map as a global competitor, there is no limit to how far and wide Five Guys Burgers and Fries’ chain of restaurants could go. 

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