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The game of football may involve attempts to get the ball past the opponent's goal line. It may be my favorite sport since it commands a large following all around the world. Playing a football game may be as exciting as watching the game itself. In the play, two teams of eleven players each, on either side of the pitch, struggle to pass the ball into the opponent’s goal post.  The aim of the game of the game may be to acquire more goals through maneuvering the ball past all the players and scoring on the opponent’s goal.

Many reasons may have made football my favorite game.  As a fan, one enjoys an entertaining game with thousands of jubilant fans in the stadiums cheering their favorite team. Millions also follow the game on their television sets. Every year, the world hosts international football tournaments. The tournaments may be associated with deep passion and competition. The intrinsic values associated with the game may drive one into bets; some that cost lives. The most popular tournaments may entail; the world cup, the European Champion League, English Premier League, La Liga, and Copa America.  Football evokes sheer passion thus may be crucial to the lives of individual fans, players, communities and countries in general. Playing football helps inculcate the virtues of teamwork, self-discipline, tolerance and dedication. Football players may be admired all over the world, from legends such as Diego Maradona to young players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Wayne Rooney.

There may be a million reasons for loving football. The passion and thrill associated with the game may be unmatched to any other sports experience. The fame, the competition spirit and the vigor portrayed by football fans and players may keep people proud to be associated the magnificent phenomenon. We play foot ball for the love of the game.

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