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Since it is difficult to evaluate the company’s online reputation, which would be important in determining the best course of action, I believe that there is an urgent need to restructure the current social media technology, recently adopted by the company. Our company should consider making use of the Revinate software that is designed for the hospitality industry to enable hotels take control of their online reputations, together with the associated CoMMingle software to enable staff respond to online reviews.

The use of Revinate and CoMMingle software may:

  • Help the company to analyze the clients’ comments from its social media sites, and maintain its online reputation.
  • Help the company to in retaining its current clients, as well the prospecting ones loyalty, by avoiding the loss of clients as projected by empirical studies, in that a negative comment on a social site viz. Facebook or Twitter can make a company lose as many as 30 clients.
  • Permit our company to review social Medias, and tailor our clients’ needs so as to learn and connect well with them.
  • Help the company capture a significant market share from our competitors who do not make use of Revinate and CoMMingle software.

            I have set up an appointment, through your office, for next Wednesday at 9 AM. I look forward to discussing the details of this proposal and to gaining your input.

Due to the prohibitive high competition in North America for expansion and economies of scale to the hotel industry and the opposed possibility of the same in India and Asia, there is a need for our hotel to expand its market to these regions. This will work contrary to the current expansion program for the hotel in Las Vegas, America, following the indications of market research and analysis.

By expanding in to Asia and India, the hotel will gain the following advantages:

  • As market research predicts an impressive growth of the hotel industry in the Far East hotel market and projects that 954 first class hotels, with an additional capacity of 259,000 booking rooms will be established, the hotel will have its share of the opportunity.
  • The hotel will maintain its global competitiveness and reputation in the industry, by exporing the new opportunities offered in India and Asia, ahead of its competitors.
  • Expanding in the Far East hotel market will lead to increased sales and revenue to our company. This is because the company will take advantage of economies of scale and scope available in this market, as opposed to the already saturated hotel industry in North America.
  • The company will reduce its cost of production as the analysis of labor market data indicates that the average cost of hiring hotel attendants is higher in North America than in the Far East Market.
  • Expanding in the Far East market will provide the company with a steady revenue flow. This is because the boom and the recession for hotel industries in North America and Far East are alternating in nature; when there is a recession in America, there is a boom in Far East.

            I have booked an appointment, through your office, for next Thursday at 11 AM. I look forward to discussing the details of this proposal and to gaining your input.

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