International Business Analysis

The learning process is very important for an individual as it sets the direction for one’s career and helps choose the method for accomplishing life goals. Therefore, picking the right sphere for education is crucial for a person. Choosing the field of expertise defines the type of person you are and shows where you want to be in the future.

For this reason I decided to apply for International Business in Drexel. Like most of the applicants, I want to show how my personality fits the field of study I have chosen and why studying at Drexel is so important for me.

First of all, I would like to outline that traveling is one of my biggest hobbies. I grew up in a multinational environment, and I am used to the culturally diverse communities. I have always treated other nationalities and cultures with respect, and I am sure that these features of character will help me in my future profession.

Besides traveling, I also enjoy meeting other people. I think that today like never before business is all about relationships. Without being able to communicate with various people, lead conversations, talks, negotiate with partners, you can never be successful in business. Knowledge about person’s psychology and the ability to recognize the person’s needs is very important for a businessman.

I am very fond of meeting people; psychology and personal development are my field of interest. I have read a lot of books about personal development and individual growth of a person. However, as every person who is always tempted for self-improvement, I am eager to get more knowledge about my future profession.

Therefore, I decided to apply for International Business at Drexel. I have learned a lot about the subject I will be studying, and I am very keen on taking on the course. I am sure that my professional skills will develop further and help me grow personally and professionally during the course of the study.

The concepts of education applied at Drexel and the growing number of students motivate me to study at Drexel very much. I would like to try the cooperative education and engage in multiple group projects with other students. I really enjoy the fact that the course of International Business is very practical and provides not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills of running an international business.

Working experience and practical internship during the course of the program will help me learn from difficult work situations. I believe I can easily adapt to difficulties and complexity of various problems. Handling them will be my challenge, and I am motivated to demonstrate only the best results.

Drexel is not just a place to learn for me, it is the whole philosophy of career development and skills improvement. Theoretical knowledge combined with practical skills and real business environment is what an individual usually needs within an International Business course. That is why Drexel is my only choice and very important step in my life.

I am very keen on being the student of Drexel, and I am sure that I can contribute with each and every part of my personality. I enjoy outdoor activities and socialize easily with people. Being part of various types of arrangements is interesting, and I am sure I can combine this with learning.

In general, I hope that my personal involvement in every step of the program, as well as my desire and inspiration to contribute to the university and its members will help make my period of study memorable and successful.

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