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Managing Marketing

This research paper will entail creation of market strategy for Safaricom internet services and its competitors.  The different segmentation bases used by Bell phones Company on its services / products will be overviewed in the research work.  It would also highlight the importance of this segmentation bases on its products/ services.  The competitors of Bell phones Company will be an area of interest in the context of research work and also the competitive advantages of Bell phones products or services over its competitors.  How changes of environment affects market decisions of these competitors.  The study will cover some definitions based on market strategy, Segmentation a value proposition and many others.


Market strategy refers to a process in which an organization embarks on the concentration of its limited resources with an aim of increasing sales and to compete with its competitors in the market.  The main objective of market strategy is to capture the satisfactions of customers in the market.  Below are some of steps used by the Bell phones Company to create its market strategy for its internet and other products such as cordless phones, answering machines, caller IDS and more. 

  1. Market: Bell phone’s is the leading mobile subscriber company in the united state of America with more than 2.3 millions of customers.  The company’s unique selling proposition is that it is the only company with electronic money transfer service in the region.  It is the only prominent company in the region to trade answering machines that are of high quality.
  2. The target of Bell phone’s company is to emerge the best provider of telephone products in its area or region of operation so as to have an outstanding competency over its competitors that are A-Tel and Bellsouth.  Another target of Bell phone’s company is to capture all customers in the market with an aim of making the largest profits over other telecommunication companies in the region.
  3. Benefits of Bell phone’s company products and services: many people have enjoyed the system of electronic money transfer introduced by the company.  It is easier too sent and receive cash or money via internet than when transacting with banks.  It has a strong and widely spread network than its competitors in the region.  When it comes to call rates, the company offers the cheapest flat rates with no discrimination to off-nets.
  4. The company positions its products/ services in the market through creation or installation of customer care centers all over the region for quick access to customers need.   It also has service numbers which customers could use incase of a problem whereby the responses to customers needs is made immediately.
  5. The company markets its products through advertisements that are made through the internet, direct marketing and public relation marketing. 

Segmentation is the division of a market into subsets as away of increasing returns (Capon, 2008).  The Bell phone’s company will use a market segmentation based on customer needs purposely to meet customer’s satisfactions and to make more profits than its competitors.  This segmentation would be profitable to the products of Bell phone’s since it will be able to capture the market.  The value proposition of Bell phone’s company is that the company is a dealer in cordless phone’s, answering machines, caller IDS and more that are not offered or marketed by other companies hence making it a unique telecommunication company in the region.  It targets private business and also individual customers as a whole (Friedman, 2002).

The company has located many or several customer centers within the region with an aim of ensuring that all customers’ needs are reached at or catered for.  The other known competitors of this company are A-Tel Company and The Bellsouth Company that are said to offer similar products / services in the market.  The two competitors companies are said be gaining stability in the resulting from the struggle to offer better and quality products to outwit their competitor “Bell Phone’s”.  The two are said to have few customer centers in the region a factor which made them to have less number of subscribers as opposed to their dominant competitor.  The only possible advantages with Bell phone’s products are that they are of high quality and also are accessible to many people.  Meaning that the products are widely distributed over the region hence people preferring them to those of A-Tel and Bellsouth which are scarce.  Differentiation of Bell phone’s products to those of its competitors is the quality and availability in the market.  The positioning statement of the Bell phone’s company is that customer needs are well met because customer centers are at their reach.  Changes in the environment affects marketing decision in that it would be difficult to know the customers satisfaction for instance when a company relocate to other region.  It would also difficult to determine the positioning of the company in the new region hence hindering the process of decision making in the market.  The other effects are that market decision would be costly since the company has to embark on a market research for better operation in the market.  Market information got from market research is of much important in market decision making since it would help the company to know its position and also the products that are of high demand to the customers.  Customer’s behavior changes with the changes in products offered by the company.  If company offers quality products, it will capture more customers than its competitors.  The only known element of any product is quality which is the central point of marketing strategy (Oechsli, 2005). 

In conclusion, market strategy is important when a company is marketing its products.  This is to mean that each company must have a market strategy of its products if and only if the company is to capture market.  The most important market segmentation to use if that based on customers needs.  For a company to dominate the market it must differentiate its products from its competitors and also develop a value proposition for its products.

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