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Marketing Objectives for ASUS Eee PC


The Asus Eee PC Company is a Taiwanese technological company that has been in operation for close to two decades specializing in components. It later spread in the major cities of the world opening several branches in a bid to expand its market share. Today it sells computers and related hardware in India and other countries of the world (ASUS Technology Private Limited, 2007, Para. 1). Its main line of production has been notebooks and motherboards. The company operates in a highly competitive environment dominated by global giants that include Sony, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, and IBM which have a very powerful network of distribution and wide pool of capital.

Marketing Objectives

In line with the company’s goal of becoming the third largest manufacturer of notebooks and the best supplier of mother board by 2012, I am aiming at achieving 35% market share in Taiwan and 20% from a low of 20 and 10% respectively between this year and 2011 in the global market by 2011. In order to achieve this, I am going to employ various marketing and production challenges. These strategies include:

Use of past experience                   

Having been in the domestic market for close to two decades, we have been able to gain insurmountable experience in terms of competitive market strategies and innovative production strategies that I am going to employ in order to make in roads in the international market besides achieving our set objectives. The forays we have made in the market have largely been successful and thus I am going to bank heavily on this to build a sustainable global empire in this industry.    

New product trials

Asus has of late been undertaking an innovative string of manufacturing especially in the area of notebooks, software and design where we have continued churning out an array of state of art designs that are in congruence with the latest technology and trends. The shift from laptops to netbooks has been an innovative addition to the company (Netbooks: Taking the Market Share Away From Laptops, n.d.). We have also introduced a new line of consumer products like TVs, phones, and video equipment to push up our revenue.

Branding and packaging

In order to grab the intended market share from our competitors, Asus will need to build a strong respectable brand name. This will be in line with presenting a bold statement that will enable us to endear our self to customers in a field dominated by cut throat competition. Attractive product packaging will help transform our product into a premium category according to JoAnne (2009).The company has been putting substantial focus on aesthetics in product design (Ogg, 2004). The sleek looking products are quickly gaining prominence which is very encouraging sign that is going to keep us afloat in the market especially with the launch of Eee PC 1005HA-M and 1005HA-H (kapoor, n.d.).

Promotional activity

I will dedicate part of our marketing efforts towards establishing a vibrant customer care center. This will increase our customer retention rate and also increase the number of repeat purchasers from 55% this year to 70% by 2011 besides attracting new ones. Customer care service will be revamped to ensure quick response to customer’s requests and enquiries hence enabling us to raise customer. Public relations training program will be rolled out in the next four months which will be complimented with selling skills to the staff. This is expected to push sales volumes and customer loyalty from 35% to 50% by 2011.

A competent team of sales force will be recruited in Taiwan and other branches across the globe to offer sales services to our customers. Apart from sales, the team will offer technical advice and basic demonstration on the use of both new and old products. I will also embark on aggressive advertising and sales promotions campaign activity using online advertisement, banners, broad cast media and print media to boost the sales volumes and to promote brand awareness.

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