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Marketing Public Relations

Public relations are very important in any organization. Public relations may be referred as the organization's communication that aims at creating health relationship with public. The public here may include consumers of their products, stockholders and even the legislators. Public relations will ensure that the company obtain proper publicity, create good corporate image and be able to handle any rumors, stories and events that may not be favorable to the company. Publicity of the organization appears in the mass media without being paid for. These situations may include press releases, special events that are held by the company and publishing of the consumer surveys concerning certain product. Public relations are different from sales promotion in that in sales promotion it aims at seeking short terms sales increase while in public relations the company seek to create long term positive image of the product or company. The cost of publicity is usually low because the company has very little control over good or bad news published about their product. Public relation is divided into two; marketing and the non-marketing relations ( Caywood, 1997).

Marketing public relation is focused public relations that aim at supporting marketing goals. Marketing public relations relates to consumers or other group that are mostly affected by the marketing issues. Marketing public relations are divided into two, the proactive and the reactive relations. Reactive market relations refer to the measures undertaken by the company in response to the actions taken by their competitors. In many situations, the reactive marketing strategies are usually the imitations of the others companies. For instance, if a business decides to advertise their output by the sport star, the competitors business that use reactive marketing strategies will respond by hiring their own celebrity to market their products. In the similar manner, if the company advertises their products in new, lower prices and the company reacting using the reactive approach method may decide to change its prices to lower values. On the other hand, proactive marketing approach will involve coming up with new ideas to advertise and market its product. In the proactive marketing strategies, the company or the business dealing with this method has to come up with ways to cub the competitor’s methods of advertising. The reactions of the company are not in response to the competitor’s actions but rather it is usually original creation that aims to market the product of the company. The company that uses proactive approach in advertising does not use the same media used by the competitors in advertising its product but rather it ensures that it makes use of an entire new medium. For instance, the company can hire people to actively advertise the product of the company in the clubs, hotels and other public places. Proactive marketing necessities company to come up with new and creative methods to market their products. The proactive strategies do not reflect the campaigns of the competitors and the ideas are completely new. Proactive approach method is sometimes hard to use because the methods requires one to come up with new ideas that are right and viable. This will always require the company to have brainstorming sessions with their customers and to keenly listen to customers’ views (Caywood, 1997).The reactive marketing strategies is usually more easy to use compared to proactive method. It usually takes less time, little money and brainpower to use somebody idea than to come up with new and fresh ideas. Therefore, proactive approach is hard and will require the company to be well prepared to handle it to ensure they are able to compete effectively. In terms of the effectiveness, it is sometimes hard to say with a lot of certainty which method is more appropriate, but the proactive methods when done with the seriousness they deserve they are likely to be more effective than the reactive approach methods (Caywood, 1997).

Tool Used In Proactive Marketing Approach Methods

As discussed above proactive approach methods does not respond to what the competitors is doing but rather aims at coming up with new and creative ways to win the customers confidence. The proactive method of advertising is an expensive method because it involves coming up with new methods to serve the customer in a better way than the way the competitors are doing it. Public relations only work over time by ensuring that the public or the people that the business is interested with are getting contented of the product and the perception they have about the company is good. The company or any other business is always at risk of the media publishing negative information about the company; the business should be able to counterbalance the information potentially by being proactive in providing educational information to the public. They are many ways of enhancing proactive public relations though brainstorming and listening are the main methods. In brainstorming, the directors is supposed to sit down with his marketing team and come up with a new method that the company should adopt in order to satisfy the needs of their customers. The team will have obligations of creating new and more proactive ideas that will ensure that the company wins the confidence of the consumers. It is important to note that, in the current market, many businesses are able to come up with methods that are attracting consumers in better and cheap ways. Therefore, the company must come up with a creative idea that will compete favorably (Caywood, 1997).The other method is that the company must ensure that their proactive campaigns are consistent and regular. The company must ensure that the expectations created on the customers are always met without any delay. For instance, if the company usually ruins out some monthly networks activities, it ensures that the same is done in the same period each month. Another major tool of the proactive public relation is the ability to listen to the customers. Consumers have many ideas that can help the company to able to meet their needs in a better way. When the company is able to meet the desires of their customer, then the business is assured of consumer confidence in their activities. Director in charge of the marketing public relations must ensure that the company holds forums with customers to establish their needs and get to hear the complains that customers may have about the company (Caywood, 1997). The company needs to pass information to customers on multiple platforms. The directors should not rely on one certain platform to pass the information to their customers but rather they should make use of the several channels to fuse the information. The combination of online and offline channels can work well for the company. The directors of the public relation should also ensure that his campaign embrace social media. This is important because many customers may not be reached in the forums that the company may form, but if the company has the social media where customers can put their view; it creates a channel for seeing what the customers need. In addition, the director of the public relations must ensure that all stakeholders are on board and ready to help in creating proper marketing public relations. The directors can also make use of the testimonials and allow the existing customers to sell the company on behalf. Other customers get convinced by their colleagues about the product more easily. It is a very powerful way of creating marketing public relation. Public relation is very important to any organizations and great care must be taken. It can either or destroys an organization (Caywood, 1997).

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