The advert begins with a middle aged man in a car carrying a sleeping baby at the back seat and is driving around the McDonald’s shop. He wants to order some items, but because if he stops he might wake the baby he keeps going round and round; therefore, when he is near the counter he requests for something. We also see an attendant with headphones on and her attention is driven to the man driving round and round near the counter and she manages to hear what the man is trying to ask for. The lady manages to hear the man and packs all that he has requested for and also tells him the amount that he is supposed to pay for his order. A lady carrying what the man has ordered runs very fast in order to make sure she catches up with the man before he passes near the counter. The man collects his order and drops the cash on the counter. At the background is playing some music thus making this ad even more captivating and the fact that the man is driving around the shop requesting for what he wants makes one get glued to the screen. This ad shows a middle upper class man as well as the baby sleeping at the back seat of the car. Moreover, the baby is so adorable thus catches the eyes of the viewers.

The lighting at the McDonald’s shop is so bright thus making it look pleasant and presentable to both customers and the viewers. The innocent looking baby makes one feel attached and want to shop at McDonald’s with your baby as well; moreover, most probably just the same as that man with the baby. The ad majors on McDonald’s products which include coffee and cakes as well as the good customer attendants who are so keen to their customers so that they can offer good services. More to that, technologically, McDonald’s advanced since the man is talking and the lady is hearing him out on headphones meaning that the lady captures the slightest words of that man. The surrounding environment is so cool, and the shop itself is sparkling clean and even as one shops at McDonald’s they are confident that what they take from there is produced in a health friendly environment. The ladies offering services at McDonald’s are very pretty, and it is an advantage since customers prefer services offered by beautiful people and those places include the McDonald’s. Following the ad, one can clearly tell that McDonald’s customers are treated so well, and the attendants there are so friendly and willing to listen to their clients even though they have some problems. On that ad, the use of the car shows its importance on a middle class family since if otherwise it would not have been possible to order like the man did since the baby was sleeping comfortably at the back seat of the car. The ad is suited for people of a certain specific age group since McDonald’s offer a variety. So long as one is of age that is able to ingest, then this ad is just perfect for them. The man raises the thumb after he has been served which is a form of appreciation. It shows that he is satisfied with the services that he has been offered therefore sending a message that McDonald’s is one of the places where one most likely receives good services.

The McDonald’s shop is done so orderly and neat that it brings a happy mood due to its setting. The fact that the man drives to the McDonald’s with the baby shows that he believes that under any circumstances, he will receive the services that he need thus sending a message to the viewers of a deep warmth beneath that McDonald’s is just the place to address. The commercial makes the viewers feel like with such a car and a baby you need to go to McDonald’s and then you will be just like those in the advertisement. With the baby on board, the commercial manages to get emotional appeal from the audience. It also makes one feel a little bit pity to the man if to imagine what the man is going through just to ensure that the baby does not wake. This makes the audience keep looking in order to see what will happen at the end in terms of whether the baby will get up and whether the man will be served just like he wanted or not. This commercial also gives the impression of that the man is not working for one or the other reason since he has a baby or rather at that time he is free, and it is his turn to baby sit. The camera movement in the ad is fine, moreover has captured details like the baby sleeping at the back of the car thus making the commercial appealing to one’s eyes. The editing has been done exclusively as well, and what one sees at the commercial is just what is relevant to pass a message to the audience. The commercial presents the issue of an American dream dad, who will take all responsibility such as carrying a baby even if he goes to do some simple shopping. The most effective in this commercial is the success of the man in both shopping and ensuring that the baby does not wake up. After watching his struggle, success brings about a feeling of relief to him as well as to the audience. This makes McDonald’s to be an approvable place since eventually they serve the customer in a proper manner. The commercial sells the McDonald’s, the car, family thus not forgetting the society which goes to extremes just to shop at McDonald’s.

Looking at the car and conditions at which the baby is sleeping at the back of the car leads to the thoughts of the man as one with a moderately high salary representing the life of an upper middle class family. The car sends a message to the middle class that it is a need since it may serve you right at one point in time. Throughout the advertisement, the man tries his best in order to pass a message to the attendant who seems rather humorous and endearing though she finally makes it. Throughout the commercial, one thing that remains clear is that the one place that can never make you disappointed is McDonald’s since despite all odds, one will walk out happy and content with the services one will receive. Also, it shows that at McDonald’s one receives total attention from the attendants and they respond fast considering the circumstances. This culture seems to be where there is gender equality since in the most cases, it is expected that the woman is the one who deals with babies however in this case it’s the man who goes to shop with the baby meaning roles are shared. Secondly it seems that this shopping is done at a night clearly depicting that McDonald’s is open 24/7 considering those that work till late in the evening.

In conclusion, a commercial is created in order to send a certain message to the audience and unless it passes then it will be irrelevant. The McDonald’s ad sends so many relevant messages inclusive such as McDonald’s services are reliable and fast, the attendants at McDonald’s are always ready to listen to their customers, no matter how late they want to buy something; moreover, you will always find it open with staff ready to serve you and many more. In addition, this commercial gives a picture of the type of culture and society McDonald’s is based around. The commercial also drives a point home when they show the man’s efforts almost going to the drain, but at the end of all he becomes successful. This shows that at McDonald’s one can be sure of success despite his problems. Furthermore, this commercial shows the life of a middle class man and what might be of help to middle class families. The advertisement, by itself attracts the audience and makes them want to be just like in the commercial, and this will lead them shopping at McDonald’s. The commercial has also met the needed requirements which include appreciation from the audience and this has been met by the characters in the commercial as well as the activities in it. Furthermore, all attention turns to making the commercial attractive. The McDonald’s commercial is one of that the audience would like to watch over and over again without getting bored or losing interest at all. This is because it just covers everything and this makes it worth looking at over and over again.

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