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Media Plan

Executive Summary (Business Description)

Cosmetics refer to applications that are made on one’s skin or body to change their appearance or smell. They range from lip gloss, skin jelly, eye shadows, to perfumes, among others. The US Food and Drug Association (FDA) defines cosmetics as substances that are used on one’s body to change the natural appearance and increase attractiveness of the user without changing the body functions of the user. It is, therefore, illegal to have any cosmetic product that alters the body system in the US. In many other countries, the check is not as thorough and strict, but the respective governments have a benchmark of quality for the cosmetics in their country.

Since the early days of man’s existence, cosmetic industry has equally been in existence. It dates back to the ancient Egypt where castor oil was widely used as a skin smoothener. During the same period, the Romans used skin creams which were extracted from olive oil, bees’ wax and rosewater. The nineteenth century saw the emergence of Vaseline and lanolin, while nivea crème emerged in 1911. Since then, cosmetic industry has grown and has seen the introduction of many other products in the market. The demand for these products is increasing with time, and more young people are using them to make their skin fairer and smoother. Cosmetics have a high market demand, which has led to the growth of companies to enable them to reach out to the emerging markets.

Our business will mainly focus on a completely natural skin healing agent. Since most of the today’s products are synthetic, they do not carry any positive long lasting effect. Their effects are in most cases negative, especially in countries where there are less strict laws that govern the production and marketing of cosmetics. Our product is, therefore, one of its kind due to its natural ingredients since it is extracted from trees and without usage of any synthetic material.

Eywa is a leading Australian based company that deals with chemical-free, natural cosmetics. Our products are well prepared and contain organic inputs, which are very beneficial to the rejuvenation of the skin. The tree species from where the extracts are obtained are carefully researched and proven to possess only positive effects on the skin. The extracts are usually taken from the indigenous plants, which comprise of over 70 different species of flowers and plants in the Amazon rainforest.

In the near future, Eywa will launch a new range of products known as Earthsprite. All the new products will contain tamanu oil that is extracted from a tamanu tree, which is indigenous in most parts of South East Asia. Natural products are known to have no negative effects on the skin, and they are popular for their positive features. Earthsprite are among the most effective natural products which have no negative effects on the skin.

This media plan will give a description of the product and the company in order to familiarise the public with the new product on the market. It will also look into the objectives of the whole idea of the media plan as well as that of the marketing strategy that has been used in the plan. Further, the media plan will give the recommendations on how the advertisement will be carried out, starting with the channels that will be employed. The channels will be chosen based on the target group and the desired demographic bracket at which the products will be aimed. The goal will be achieved with the help of a thorough market survey, which will determine the most potential market population with regard to skin treatments. The unique features of the products will be discussed, and their advantages or superiority over the existing products in the market will be put forward. After this, a competitive analysis will be carried out, followed by a SWOT analysis of this new line of products. From the SWOT analysis, the expected market share will be projected. Based on the above analyzed aspects, the legal requirements for the new product to be allowed into the market will be discussed briefly. The advertising analysis will then be conducted, and the strategies that the media will take will be also highlighted. Communication will be regarded at a very high level since it will directly determine the success or failure of the media plan.

Business Mission

The mission of a given business is usually geared towards the making of a given profit. On top of this business outlook, the Earthsprite related business is also geared towards introducing better products to the market. Due to the lower inspection standards in Australia, it is important that the companies in the country embrace the social corporate responsibility and release products which would make the society better and not to the contrary. The welfare as well as the well being of consumers should be placed ahead of the company profits, a feat that very few companies have accomplished. Most of the companies check the sustainability of their profitability and the welfare of the consumer is considered later in the planning phase.  

Main Objectives

This media plan is geared towards the promotion of less harmful cosmetics. It advocates for the use of purely natural products that come from natural sources. Synthetic cosmetics are associated with many recurring problems that affect the skin of the user in a negative way. Though they take a long time to show their negative effects, they have them anyway, and their users rarely detect the negative effects in time. People need to be enlightened on the issues and made aware of the dangers behind the use of synthetic cosmetics. The success of this media plan with regard to enlightening the public on drugs will be analysed after six months of the advertisements, with the sales of the new products of Earthsprite being the indicator.   

The media plan also aims at ensuring that people find a solution to their skin problems. Since they will be aware of the negative changes of their skin, they will be as well provided with a solution to the issue. A natural cosmetic is by far the best option due to its eco-friendliness and positive effects on the user.

We also want to create awareness to the people that the product is not only used for beauty but also for curative purposes. Many cosmetics are never geared towards curing the skin, but our new product is one of its kind. It creates fairness in the skin as well as cures the defects of the skin such as scars and pimples.

Marketing Objectives

Earthsprite products are new on the market and need a place in the market segment in order for them to perform well in terms of business ventures. Poor market entry is usually followed by lack of enthusiastic buying form the customers. It is, therefore, important that the new product gets into the market with a lot of vigor in order to ensure that they get the best results in terms of sales and popularity. This media plan will ensure that the marketing of the new products is done in a desirable way and that the product does not struggle to beat the already existing competitors.

The process will also give the product and the company a brand in the market. Their products are made of extracts from indigenous trees and flowers, a feature that no other cosmetic company in the country has. Tamanu products will be the new brand for Eywa industries; they will be conspicuously different from all the other products in the market at the moment.  

Finally, the media plan will be required to establish the focused group, which will be targeted by the product. If the target population makes a large composition of the society, it is easy to reach out to them and the success of the advert would be welcomed by a large margin. The people who are targeted are, therefore, determined at this stage, where they are identified and picked from the whole population; the method to effectively reach them will be also identified. Failure to use such complete considerations to get to the desired market would result into failure of the whole marketing strategy.

Advertising Objectives

The main objective of the advertising campaign is to successfully promote the launch of the Earthsprite skin care range. This is a significant step in the brand entry into the market. As earlier mentioned, it is very important for a brand to enter the market with the highest possible popularity. The starting point determines the performance of the new product in the market. Exemplary positive entry will lead to the product gaining a lot of strength that would allow it to continue with the correct momentum and vigor. People would be carried away by the bandwagon to try the new product even with the slightest idea of its effects. The more people try the product, the more it enlarges its market segment, posing competition to the already existing products of the same line. On the other hand, poor launch, which translates to poor entry into the market, limits the chances of gaining the desired publicity and popularity. If this happens, people might never like the product and very few of them would even try it on their skin. It would be considered a weak brand in the eyes of the customers, which would damage its initial reputation. It is, therefore, important that the promotion team for Earthsprite products ensure that the products enter the market at their best and reach out to as many people as possible during the launch. The people who witness the launch should be enticed to try the product, which is the main goal of the whole media marketing process.

The other advertising objective of the products is creation of brand awareness for the Earthsprite products and differentiation of the brand from its many competitors. We wish to position the Earthsprite range as the only high-quality, 100% natural, highly beneficial skin care brand that is reasonably priced. As opposed to most of the other cosmetic or skin application products, the Eywa product is supposed to be displayed with its unique characteristics, which include its purity and extraction from natural sources. Natural skin application products not only make the skin look attractive but also have significant healing and restoration qualities. This is a very unique feature, of which no other skin application product can boast. Our Earthsprite products are very unique in this sense, and they rank high above the rest of the competitors. The advertisement will ensure that there will be well communicated message that will ensure that customers realize the superiority of our product line. This would be the biggest success of the campaign since people would look for the product based on its uniqueness and difference from any other product within the same industry. We believe that if this objective is met, our product line will be highly successful, and there will be easily extended marketing of the products along the tamanu filled products line.

Geographical Markets

There are many companies that are involved in the selling of cosmetic products. Most of them are situated in towns and cities, which gives them a better catchment area and a steady market. If the products do not get a steady market, they will probably lose the potential customers. Geographically, Eywa is well positioned and is on a par with the rest of its competitors. We are located in the industrial area, and our geographic location will have very little effect on our market entry. We are also located with proximity to the sources of our raw materials, which ensures that there is little cost in transportation and production of materials. This is a very important issue since we will have a good competitive ability in terms of pricing of our new products.

We also have put in place proper distribution channels and are capable of reaching out to all the retail and wholesale outlets in the country. It is, therefore, not important anymore to consider the location as vital in distribution or performance of the products. We shall reach out to all our customers effectively and offer them reasonable prices for our products.  

Product Benefits and Unique Selling Proposition

Our product is very unique and has very well researched and proven advantages over other products of the same type. While most of the available products similar to our Earthsprite products are synthetic, our new product line is purely natural, effective, affordable, and also innovative. This is a very important characteristic since very few products have the taste of nature. Synthetic products are known to react with different people’s bodies, leading to their violation of the US Food and Drug Administration, which requires that the cosmetics could be used to change appearance, odor, and any other desired look without changing the functioning of the body. In Australia, this legislation has not been as strict and people continue using the cosmetics which will eventually change their body physiology.

All Earthsprite products contain tamanu oil which possesses a unique “capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating healing and the growth of healthy skin”. While other cosmetics add a removable layer of material to the body of the user, our new products will add more value to the skin. They will accelerate healing of wounds and give the skin a tougher yet smoother texture. It will be, therefore, hard for the product users to have long lasting wounds. Our products are way more positive because, while other cosmetics lead to the increase of the wound, our products ensure that healing is accelerated and the user gets a tougher skin.

Eywa producers believe that nature provides us with everything we need to look and feel beautiful and healthy. Nature looks after us so we should look after nature. Eywa products contain ingredients from plants which are grown organically and ethically and are highly effective. The products are not obtained from any lab developed material, but rather from the beautiful and friendly nature. Our product users will have the natural feeling of being at peace within them and have no fears that their cosmetics would turn against them.

Eywa is 100% Australian owned. It is, therefore, one of the products that Australian nationals and patriots would be proud of. They can easily identify with it, and by using the product, they would be promoting the local industry as well as their ecosystem. We should also note that most of the cosmetic dealers are foreign and having a more superior, more effective, and reasonably priced product would be a very important economic step that Australia would make. Earthsprite produces Eywa products from the hoe grown trees and herbs, thus ensuring that all the extracts used to produce the exemplary product are locally produced, manufactured, and eventually locally sold. Anyone who is proud to be an Australian should be proud of such an amazing product.

Eywa’s products are excellent value for money as they are more reasonably priced than their competitor’s products. This is due to the close understanding of the local manufacturers with the needs and economic status of the Australian people. The products are made form locally obtained products, giving Eywa a good chance to provide the products at affordable prices.

Competitive Analysis

The products have a competitive advantage due to their nature. They are natural, and the tamanu ingredient would be very appealing to customers. We, therefore, believe that we have a very good chance to enter the market without much resistance. At the same time, we are a proven company and not completely new in the industry. We can, therefore, pride ourselves on being among the most successful cosmetic companies in Australia. The public knows about us, and they would not disregard our adverts whenever we place them in any media outlet.

Our prices are also competitive, and they will allow us to gain a reasonble market share. With the target well established, we will not have hard times convincing people that we have a new unique product.

Legislation / Regulations

Australian government has set up a regulation that every cosmetics and toiletries manufacturer has to comply with at all times during their daily running of their operations. As noted earlier, there are many cases when cosmetics can lead to negative effects to the user, especially when wrong procedures of application are applied. In 1993, the Australian government passed a legislation that was aimed at ensuring that the population that uses these commodities, either local or foreign manufactured, does so without risking their health. It was last amended on 23rd May 2008 and demands that all the toiletries and cosmetics are properly labeled before they are taken to the market. The legislation refers cosmetics as products which are applied to the external parts of the body to change the body odor, change body appearance, cleanse the body, keep the body in a desirable condition, perfume and protect the body. The inspection of the standards is done by the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS). Goods produced in Australia for export are not subjected to these inspections. Free samples and tests of these products are also not included in the inspection list. Also exempted are the therapeutic goods as defined by the Therapeutic Goods Act, 1989.

The legislation demands that all the products are correctly labeled with all the ingredients used well documented and shown on the product wrapper. This is done to protect consumers who have allergies towards certain ingredients. The goods standards must comply with the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Information Standards) (Cosmetics) Regulations 1991, which came to effect on 29th October 1991. These regulations apply to the manufacturers, importers, distributors who handle the products before they reach the customer. Other regulations are found in the Regulation impact statement — Cosmetics which are availed to suppliers. Those who do not follow the regulations risk receiving heavy fines or even bans.

The specific information that should be included in the label:

  • The ingredients of which the product is made should be written on the container or wrapper. They should be well written in concentrations, volume or mass. The concentrations should be written starting with those with the highest concentration to those with the lowest concentration. Color additives are, however, exempted, and they are recorded last with any order followed.
  • Proper display of the information on the product at the point of sale.
  • Proper labeling in the larger outer casing where the smaller units are packaged.

At Eywa, our products are well documented and the legal requirements are met. The company is registered and the new products have all reached the threshold that the regulatory bodies require us to reach. Therefore, we are confident that our goods will be embraced by the consumers with confidence and hospitality. The main ingredient being the natural tamanu (which is not endangered), there are no legal restrictions of our extraction, manufacturing, and marketing. Furthermore, we have rehabilitation programs that are geared towards ensuring a sustainable extraction of products from tamanu trees without risking overexploitation.

Advertising Analysis

The following factors must be considered before the media is given the advertisement plan:

Target Group

The target for these products is the ladies aged between 25 and 54 years who will be in most cases professionals. About half of this group will be married with an annual income of about $150000. The population will also have varying racial background and they are expected to live in the city and suburban regions.

These women are expected to be conscious of their looks, and at the same time, due to their professionalism, they will check on the products that will keep their health at the best. They consider their skin as very important, and they carry out a wide range of duties in their lives. Some of them despite being married are still in school and have to combine taking care of their families with school and probably their careers. At the same time, they need to look beautiful since it is at this stage that women would attend important career deciding meetings and they need to be appealing to their seniors. At the back of their mind, they rate their health highly and they need a cosmetic product that will take care of their skin and will have no negative effects on them. The cosmetic would help them to reduce aging, and Earthsprite would be a very appealing option for this population.

Media Strategies

To reach out to the above population, the correct media outlet should be employed. The most effective way to advertise would be the use of Television due to its increased popularity among this group of people. Radio could as well be used to reach the population when they are traveling in their cars. Further, women magazines would be appropriate to use since they help women to make their decisions. When they are faced with dilemmas about a product, they turn to such magazines to look for the best products for their needs. The use of internet is also a very booming outlet, where Facebook leads the internet advertising lists. Twitter is also common, and it has been used by many strategists in their work. Another strategy is the use of displays at the different points of sale. This would be done in leading supermarkets, cosmetic shops, and drugstores. In all these advertisement options, the slogan ‘Reconnect with nature’ should be used.

Main Advertising Message

The message passed by the advert should be appealing to the population. If this is not the case, the product will not get the correct response from the market. This means that the best image regarding the product must be displayed. In the advert, such product information should be included:

  • Their ingredients are 100% natural, and the products are sold at a reasonable retail price; the products are also effective in their desired tasks, and they are manufactured in a creative way.
  • The products have tamanu extracts, which allow the skin rejuvenation and healing. In the long run, this allows one to develop a very attractive and healthy skin.
  • With the natural ingredients used, we believe that the feeling of touch with nature is in itself very refreshing. It will ensure that we are healthy, and we will also have eco friendly products, thus creating harmony between man and nature.
  • The product is manufactured in Australia, and every Australian can identify with it due to its homely nature.
  • We also consider the economic status and sell the products at affordable prices.

Campaign Timeframe

The advertising campaign will run for 6 months, from January 1, 2011 until June 30, 2011. By the end of this period, we believe that the target population will have been effectively reached and that there will be no other need to keep on advertising.


Due to the current financial constraints, we believe that we will spend the least amount of money that we can, while at the same time ensuring that we get the correct response with regard to the product. A budget of $5 million for promotion is reasonable and can be effectively supported by our financial status.

The following is a media brief constructed for the media outlet:

Advertising Brief for Eywa

Client name: Carol Knox, Marketing Director, Eywa

Project name: Earthsprite product launch

Prepared by: Jessica Carter, Media Planner, Eywa


Eywa is an Australian-owned company which produces natural chemical-free skin and body care products containing only organic ingredients, selected for their miraculous skin rejuvenating properties. These ingredients are derived from over 70 different plant and flower species including a few rare plants found in the Amazon rainforest.

Eywa is about to launch its new Earthsprite skin care range. All of the Earthsprite products contain tamanu oil, a completely natural skin healing agent, which comes from the tamanu tree, indigenous to various parts of Southeast Asia.

Advertising Campaign Objectives

The objectives of the advertising campaign are to successfully promote the launch of the Earthsprite skin care range, create brand awareness for the Earthsprite products, and differentiate the brand from its many competitors. We wish to position the Earthsprite range as the only high-quality, 100% natural, highly beneficial skin care brand that is reasonably priced.

Target Audience

The primary target audience will consist of female professionals and wives of professionals, aged 25-54. Roughly half of this group will be married with combined annual household incomes of approximately $150,000. They will be from various racial backgrounds. They live in inner city or suburban areas.

The primary target audience consists of women who are beauty conscious and interested in looking after their well-being using holistic approaches to health. They consider taking care of their skin a major priority. They live an active life, occupying themselves with any combination of work, study, raising children, staying fit and healthy, and socializing. They are becoming increasingly aware of the adverse effects of chemical-based skin care products. They are searching for a skin care regime based on natural products which won’t harm their body or the environment. They are looking for natural skin care products which are good value for money and will leave their skin looking radiant and help fight aging.

Key Advertising Message

  • Earthsprite products are 100% natural, effective, affordable and innovative.
  • All Earthsprite products contain tamanu oil which possesses a unique capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating healing and the growth of healthy skin.
  • Eywa believes nature provides us with everything we need to look and feel beautiful and healthy. Nature looks after us so we should look after nature. Eywa products contain ingredients from plants which are grown organically and ethically and are highly effective.
  • Eywa is 100% Australian owned.
  • Eywa’s products are excellent value for money and more reasonably priced than their competitor’s products.

Tone and Manner

The Eywa brand already has an established tone and manner that it wants to continue with this range. The brand is contemporary, sincere, innovative, affordable, and ethical and promotes nature and well-being.

Campaign Timeframe

The advertising campaign will run for 6 months, from January 1, 2011 until June 30, 2011.


The budget for this promotion is $5 million.

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