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Million Dollar Consulting

Chapter Ten

Fine Networking Consultants is the firm I work with. Since, the firm deals with consultancy and marketing of internet services, networking and other IT integrated services, Weiss’s (2009, 209) rule of writing proposals and finding an economic buyer are relevant.

Firstly, Weiss (2009, 209) indicates that it is essential to prepare the buyer, and this entails writing of a proposal. This rule is relevant for my job opening because it will stipulate the boundaries in terms of the required amount of goods or services our firm is supposed to offer and acts as a formal contract.

Secondly, finding an economic buyer is a relevant rule advanced by Weiss (2009, 210) regarding our firm. This is because dealing with people or firms that do not pay on time leads to delays in an organization’s functioning because of delay in the availability of revenue. Thus, finding an economic buyer is relevant for our firm because it facilitates completion of planned projects and contributes to the expansion of our firm. Arguably, it prevents our firm from bankruptcy, as economic buyers will enable us to pay our associates on time.

An item that I do not agree with regards Joint Accountabilities. According to Weiss (2009, 218), these are the stipulations regarding the roles of both the client and a firm in question. I do not agree with this because I feel only the seller or consultant should stipulate what his expectations are and the client needs only to pay according to how the consultant of the firm stipulates.

The two questions for class discussion include:

What else can contribute to a dynamite proposal besides those mentioned by Weiss?

What is the problem of mentioning the fees to a curious client?

Chapter Eleven

As a firm in the networking industry, Fine Networking Consultants have myriad customers, and every new day new customers emerge. Thus, Weiss proposes two rules that are relevant to our business and they include constant communication and the ways that the constant communication can be facilitated.

Firstly, constant communication is relevant for Fine Networking Consultants because it functions as a way of luring the customer or client to become interested in the product we are selling. Secondly, constant communication facilitates the formation of rapport and this facilitates customers become loyal.

Secondly, Weiss (2009, 219) advances ways that can be utilized to ensure constant communication and these include the internet, telephone, face–to-face communication and faxing. This is relevant for our business because we encounter several business dealings that cannot be successful without the availability of the aforementioned means of communication. For instance, the internet and telephones ease communication between our firm and the clients because they eliminate travelling, which is time consuming.

The item that I think is not relevant for our firm involves publishing of a book. This is not relevant because our firm will focus mostly on the internet and ground advertising, which is cheaper and reaches many people currently. In addition, publishing of a book is not relevant for our firm because many clients are familiar with what they are looking for in terms of goods and services and the fact that the firm provides consultancy, it will be a good idea engaging a client personally than using books.

The two questions formulated for class discussion include:

What is the essence of publishing a book and self-publishing?

What other exaggerations abound regarding self-publishing?

Chapter Twelve

The networking consultancy business requires myriad customers, and this is a reason why it is essential to diversify geographically. In addition, the business is faced with many uncertainties, which necessitate a pipeline approach to business.

The first rule advanced by Weiss (2009, 243) that is relevant for our business is the Pipeline approach. The Pipeline Approach is necessary for our firm because the firm has long-term, imminent and short-term targets. Thus, it is essential for our business to determine how to take care of the long-term, imminent and short-term projects. Weiss (2009, 243) proposes that a business should focus on the imminent and short-term goals because as time of the long-term projects draws near such projects become short-term. Notably, this is relevant for our firm to facilitate a smooth flow of projects and prevent backlogs. In addition, the Pipeline approach is necessary for our firm because Weiss observes that they depict in all sizes, but the owners of business are the determiners.

The second rule from this chapter that is relevant to our business concerns Geographical diversification. Geographical diversification is essential for the purposes of increasing the number of customers; thus, a high margin of revenue. Secondly, geographical diversification acts as security during times of economic downturns. This is relevant for our business because if one firm in one country suffers because of an economic downturn in that country, the other firms in neighboring countries or continent can fund its operations.

An item pointed out by Weiss that I do not agree with concerns losing the momentum in case you do not invest during tough economic times. This is not entirely true, because a firm can depend on its sister companies in other countries for their survival. In addition, the momentum cannot be lost because the sister companies can subcontract the firm in a country experiencing depression.

The two questions formulated include:

How effective is the contrarian approach advanced by Weiss?

What benefits abound from employing the Pipeline approach?

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