Peet's Coffee and Tea Business Plan

Peet’s café is located at the central part of the main university library. The customers of this cafe are mainly university students, although outsiders who access the cafe can also buy anything there without any limitations. The main products sold are coffee and tea. Customers purchase these drinks regularly. Customers in universities require quality drinks, which sell well; the rate of consumption is high. Mission and vision as guiding points for the business plan are mentioned below. Further on, the subject of the ownership and the source of money for this business are also brought up, as well as the assets and future plans.

Vision and Mission

Good business is led by good vision which keeps reminding a businessman of his or her goals. Mission is laid out to make the  businessman aware of his goals. The vision of how to keep this business firm is to provide quality products that satisfy customers’ desires. The mission guiding this business is to be the best customer service provider in the region. Ownership is defined as single ownership, but in future as the business expands shares should be sold to customers who become temporary owners. The source of money may be different, such as bank loans, profit from the business, money given by sponsors, or borrowed from donors.

Business Assets

Business assets will also act as security for the business; they should be listed and kept for reference. The employees should be paid at the end of the month and on time. Also, the workers should be able to access loans if they need them. Business should allow expansion and increase in the numbers of working staff. Salary for the staff should also increase with experience. Staff training should be encouraged to improve the quality of service and  products.

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