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Private Security Management

Many entities including government’s world wide organizations and the private sectors today employ the private security to help individuals, business and other stakeholders in both the discovery and the analysis of information. They use all means to dig out facts abut lawful, economic, or private issues. These private security personnel offer variety of services which are essential to the community. There services range from managerial, commercial, and famous personnel security. They seek to clarify employment issues and personal background information. There are also some that deal with the crimes that have risen from technological developments which include stealing of personal information, sending threatening messages and infringing the copyright of personal items. There are others who help in both unlawful and civil cases, cover claim and cases that are associated with swindling. On the other hand they help in cases that deal with child guardianship and security, cases of missing individuals and premarital transmission of information. In some occasions they are called upon to examine individual cases so as to approve or disapprove unfaithfulness.

The private detectors have many methods which they can utilize in their efforts to find out information. With the advent of technology most of their work is now computerized, for example they have the ability to pick up erased emails or any other deleted threatening message.

They are also engaging in computer database searches where possible or work with an assistant who is familiar with the idea. The use of a computer for their investigation allows a quicker and much faster way of obtaining huge amounts information. The security personnel have to be trained before being hired so as to ensure provision of quality services to the client (Dempsey, 2007).


There are various legal issues that arise during training, performance assessment, and discharge of private security recruits. For training session the private security personnel does not require formal education. Most of the recruits have only post secondary education. In this case, courses that deal with criminal fairness and police science are very useful to those who want to enroll as private detectives. This knowledge will enable them to carry out the investigations with less trouble. These private security personnel takes a very long time to acquire the necessary skills while on the other hand the learned group just graduate from colleges and are equipped with necessary skills. For efficient delivery of their services the private security personnel have to have the basic knowledge of the business or the cooperation that he or she has been employed to guard. Hence if one has been posted to a bank he should possess some knowledge of CPA or be having a bachelor of commerce degree.

To be able to deal with computer forensics work, one requires computer science degree. Some knowledge in the field to be investigated is necessary to be able to investigate a computer deception. Many colleges are now offering certificates in programs which may a times prove to be expensive. These programs are short and are important to individuals who are already involved in the investigation, for example the paralegals, and law enforcement officers. Most investigators who deal with computer forensics learn what pertains to their job when they are already working as analysts or other specialists. There has been a trend where people enter the public sector to acquire this training before they proceed to the private sector. The private sector should be able to provide some in-service programs to enable the employees to learn these basics.

Another issue is that most work of the private security is learned on the job. The newly recruited workforce, kick off by being instructed on how to use the available databases to acquire information. Their training depends on the nature of firm. For example if one has been employed by an insurance company he will have to learn how to be aware of an insurance fraud. For domestic cases one has to be familiar with how to carry out surveillance. This task may prove to be time consuming (Johnson, 2004).

Performance appraisal

In the work place there are various issues associated with their performance. First, in the private sector the security personnel work for long irregular hours and their work may sometimes involve facing danger. An example is an investigator who has the need to carry out surveillance and has to meet with people who cannot be met during the normal operational hours. They therefore have to adjust their time to be able to meet with the person. Some of the most preferred times include early in the morning, weekend and evening hours.

The private investigators work to satisfy the needs of their clients. For cases where one is required to examine fraudulent workers payment dues they have to perform a long term of the suspected individuals and if they observe a case that contradicts with what has been stated he or she should be able to document the activity either by taking a photograph or a video then give the details to the client. Private security personnel have to be watchful of the law while carrying out the investigations. They have to maintain both the national state and local laws which entails privacy laws and other issues that have effect on their work.

Some methods may not be clear and hence the security personnel have a duty of selecting the best method they are to use in examining a case. Data collection should be done accurately so as to enable them to be answerable to any charges in the court of law as they are bound to.

The issue of the work surroundings has also risen whereby the security personnel have to work in various places. Most often they spend time away from their specific place of work carrying out research interviewing people or carrying out the surveillance or they may stay in the office dealing with computer searches and calling. They therefore have to be ware that whenever they are working on a case the working environment have to vary from board rooms to bars while those working in corporations have to be in the business all times. Most of the time these investigators work alone and may only be involved in group work during surveillance. They also engage in confrontations hence the job proves to be worrying and unsafe. Some of the task they are engaged in needs them to be armed. The proprietor of private security firms takes the task of handling the difficult and troubled clients.

Discharge of the employees

There has been a lot of non-discrimination in the discharge decision making as a result of similar employees selection process which has been put in place. Emphasis has been categorical on the discharge of the employees being legally executed without any kind of responsibility being exercised. Most of the current attention is on the last stage of employment which is discharge. Any wrongful discharge of an employee from his or her duties is the hottest legal issue in the workplace. There has been increased number of suits by the employees who always win the case. In a Rand study, it identified that 68% of the wrongful termination suits are won by the employees. It further indicates that $600000 is awarded by the jury to the affected employees. The employer is constrained on any kind of discharge under any cause which makes the discharge of the employee a disastrous undertaking which needs to be executed with care and within the law. There is the use of the concept of ‘just cause’ which ensures that there is fairness in arriving at an agreement to employees, society’s rights, and the employers and ensuring that the situation is appropriately put in the relevant context. The management action is based on the human resources office which should be made the overall managers of the human resources within the stipulated laws. This will ensure that the liabilities associated with the discharge of the employees are reduced.

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