Proctor & Gamble Company

The Company, Proctor and Gamble, is one of the oldest companies in the US. The Company was founded in the fiscal year 1837 by two immigrants named William Proctor and James Gamble. These two people attempted constantly to ensure their company improved by making products that their customers required. The company that began as a soap making and candle company has changed into a multinational company that now runs in over 80 nation states (Buckley, 2005, para 1). The brand names and products of these companies are recognized in all these nation states.  The increase of the global population gives the company an opportunity to multiply the number of products that is sold yearly. This research seeks to look into Procter and Gamble's HR strategy, HR planning and HR policies that have raised it to be among the respected and most reputable companies in the world.

Procter and Gamble's HR Strategy

Proctor and Gamble has had a past of various human resource practices that have advocated for effectiveness. The most vital factor has been on how the company has been able to hire and retain their most talented workers. The company perceives their employees as the most vital asset. There are more than 138000 workers and each of them is encouraged to bear the same principles and values that the company possesses. The company deems every worker as a leader and they are supposed to take responsibility whenever a need arises in the organization (Data monitor, 2007, para.2). The senior executives perform the role of being mentors to the young managers that arise. In addition, the executives’ assists these young people build up their skills that will enable them lead large organizations and businesses. Without effectual HR management an organization cannot achieve high-level goals including capturing market share, being innovative and competing globally. In addition without imaginative and talented employee recruitment, it becomes impossible to sustain innovation. This is what Proctor and Gamble organization has developed as their HR strategy. HRM help to put up high-performance work practices, which in turn improves performance (Bob, D & Meyer 2010, p. 48). HR activities can generate value only if they produce sustainable competitive advantage.

The company advocates for creating career chances for their employees not just employment. Proctor and Gamble has been successful in ensuring that there is a career development and growth across all geographies and businesses. The company has developed a HR strategy that identifies the talents of their employees early and trains them to develop their talents for their roles in the future. In addition, the company provides opportunities of growth to their employees. This is done so that they can develop their leadership, functional and technical skills (Data monitor, 2007, para 2). This enables Proctor & Gamble be able to deepen their commitment in touching and improving the lives of their customers. Proctor and Gamble has ensured that their HR is unique. This is to ensure that the employee skills are not imitated or duplicated by potential or current competitors. This uniqueness stems from exclusive operational procedures and team-based production that result in improved causal ambiguity and social complexity.

Proctor & Gamble HR Planning and HR Policies

The intended purpose of organizational strategy is to improve work life balance for organizational members. In Proctor and Gamble, organizational strategy offers effective approach for organizations to resolve the main concerns of flexibility and structure. Strategy is one variable that influences organizational structure.  Proctor and Gamble has developed organizational strategy that assists it achieve the set goals at minimal risks. HR planning and HR policies deal with both internal and external issues in an organization (Jackson & Mathis, 2011, p. 10). HR techniques determine primary long-term objectives and goals of an organization with. To achieve these goals, the company must adopt a course of behaviors and allocate resources in a manner that ensures these goals are achieved. In Proctor and Gamble, managers continually seek solutions and make choices based on what the company intends to achieve. Organizational strategy is used to develop as well as test varying situations to ensure that organizational effect is known. Additionally, HR techniques help enhance organizational capability, which is facilitates effective functioning of a firm.  HRM encourages self-management and team-building teams. Proctor and Gamble believes that employee empowerment helps build employees’ self- esteem, providing them with the momentum to assume ownership.

Strategic planning encompasses activities such as performance measurement, planning program budgeting. Strategic thinking creates effective strategies which take into consideration the extrinsic influence it examines strategic planning and policy issues with the long-term outlook resulting in a coercive organizational vision.  Proctor and Gamble has set up certain objectives and seeks to gain the necessary resources to perform such tasks.  The company has sought to align the human resource strategies with strategic direction of the organization (Bob & Meyer, 2010, p.50). In addition, effective HR management in the company has been able to have a constructive consequence on the employee performance like stronger financial outcomes and increased staff productivity.  Effective HR planning and policies have enabled the organization achieve financial results, people, customer, and processes. Strategic human resource management links HRM function to the strategic objective and goals of the company in an effort to enhance business performance. In addition, it assists in developing the organizational culture that promotes flexibility and innovation. Proctor and Gamble HR strategy factors in ethical considerations have affected the organizational stakeholders and employers, management and owners. Furthermore, the strategies have enabled the company to take responsibility in the larger community.

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