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Project Human Resources


Thesis: The main focus of this project would be to analyze the Project Human Resources, Communications and Integration Management of the Call Center Service. It will also analyze the various techniques and how it can be applied on the project effectively. The project that will be our main focus is the project management for Call Centre Service Company that provides call services to local banks in Hong Kong. According to the latest company report, some burning issues are raised for the survival and the future of the organization.

Project background

The company’s main theme is providing contact services to banks across Hong Kong. The Company projected in a five year plan the outcomes that came in the year 2008 in setting up a new product i.e. apart from only providing call center services it expanded its activities to providing courier services to customers in the banks.

The Am of the project is to:

  1. Lunch the new product range with the help of market research and product innovation.
  2. Enter in export market concentrating on Hong Kong market 
  3. Meet the high standard in quality and consistency required by the market

Project context

To understand environmental trends, Managers must analyze conditions in the internal environment of the organization and conditions in the external environment. This analysis of the internal environment and the external environment is so pervasive in strategic planning that it has its own acronym. The strength of the company towards improving their services to the bank will yield the benefit to its customers. But the internal strength of the project will depend on the decisions that will be made by the management. The company used five couriers to deliver its services but later on within the particular circle introduced more workers so that they could deliver the right services to the company. Another important sector that the company instituted is the new database software development that would handle most of the scheduled courier services which include recording the packages that need to be followed, doing the accounting processes of the company, calculating and keeping records of the couriers and making sure that delivery of the services of the company has been met (Meredith & Samuel 7).

Stakeholders and their responsibilities

Stakeholders are internal and external forces for an organization. They have power and interest on organizational strategy, decision and activities. “…stakeholder analysis reflects an increasing recognition of how the characteristics of stakeholder- individuals, groups and organizations-influence on decision making process”. Responsibilities of Stakeholders (See Appendix II) for the company include to:

  1. Approve project, allocation time and resource to meet organizational requirements. 
  2. Make important decisions for change or any other issues and set up possible effective implementation methods.
  3. Approve money/funds over the starting to completion Phase and act like a neutral agent.  
  4. Reduce the difference of planned and actual outcomes by controlling and directing the whole project.
  5. By sharing the management information among the stakeholders considering wall management of resources and time for delivering maximum outcomes.
  6. Manage the changes effectively and review for the problem identification.
  7. Utilize the available resources effectively for completing the specific tasks in time.
  8. Deliver the deliverables regarding time, quality, cost and follow the instruction by contentious internal communication.

The stakeholders of the company need to have a responsibility of giving a stand on the development of the plan and the overall objectives of the project.

Roles, responsibilities and relationships of project team members

The manager needs to keep a track record of the activities of its members by making sure that it uses the right methods of motivating them, communicating to the, supporting them in areas that they need help, helping them by giving the necessary decisions, having frequent meetings and informing them with the new events that may affect the development of the project in the company.

The manager should strive to hold meetings that embrace face to face criterion, this serves to bring the committee members to together and therefore the ideas of each committee member is considered for discussion. Face to face meetings also are the best way of solving issues that arise from conflicts between the members of the company. Promotion and remuneration of the project management committee is very important because it makes the members to be competent and to do their work with a lot of efforts. The manager should always communicate the progress of the company and give positive remarks to the team. A manager that does not realize the positive performance of the employees will not have the employees becoming competent in their work.

Quality is an imperative aspect in the development of teams meant to conduct business organization’s activities. Quality is usually aimed at eliminating the main causes of the problems, through continuous process improvement programs and therefore reduces the variations from the target to the aimed objectives in the firm, improve the customer satisfaction through provision of better services and also remove the activities that have no value to the organization. On the contrary, storming is a vital phase in the development of teams needed to conduct business activities. This stage involves the team member vying for different positions in the team as they attempt to establish themselves in relation to the rest of the team members and the team leader.

This process is usually problematic as it involves the challenges from the team members and the clarity of the purposes increase as the uncertainties persist. This has an implication that cliques and factions develop and there may be power struggles. In order to avoid the failure of the firm because of the emotional differences, quality must be incorporated with storming so as to eradicate the main causes of the problems. This should be done through the use of the continuous process improvement programs. This process of combining quality and storming is applicable in any form of an organization provided it is organized into teams for example those aimed at conducting a project. 

Checking and measuring the performance of the project

This step is very crucial in the project management of the company. The manager needs to check the progress of the project by basing on the proposed plan. This should be a regular programme so that the team can come up with solutions to an uprising issue in the instituting of the plan. Transparency is a very important element in ascertaining the progress of the project, the manager therefore needs not to use his or her pre agreed measurements to judge on the outcome of the project. He should rather use the people’s views to come up with the decision of a go ahead of the company. This is because the measures that are instituted in an organization are very crucial and needs a lot of care and proper handling. A good approach therefore brings good results for the company while prejudgments and doing your own things will bring a shortfall to the company (Ireland 299).

The preview meetings are very important in the company and need to be always held; in such meetings the manager can always probe the team by asking them on how they view the progress of the project. Such a step will aid in getting real facts and ideas from the ground i.e. form the participants who are not the subjects of the company.  Mistakes and errors are always the stepping stones for every manager in a project planning committee. The errors which may be pointed therefore in preview meetings should be a lesson to the manager and not an abuse. Good advisors should be selected from an expert group so that they can give the solution of some particular problem in the company’s project management process (Lewis 342).

Explanation of the process

The company followed a particular project development path that made it achieve the success of its operations: The process involved seven steps that are the key essential elements in project management. These steps are putting the precise specification of the project in place and agreeing on it within the stakeholders and the general management of the company; planning on the project which involved putting down the time limits with which the project will run so as its implemented fully; listing down the activities that the company will do, putting down the resources that the company will use to achieve the objectives and calculating the overall cost that the project will cost; making the project team aware of the plan of the project through proper official communication; making an agreement with the stakeholders and the project team on the actions to be followed; making the project team to have a positive attitude towards the project by motivating them, giving them information any time there is a new information, encouraging them and making sure the management put in place is the right one that they will be happy about (Harold Kerzner 435).

Team development and conflict

It’s important for the management to report to the committee the progress of the project everytime because of several reasons. One is that it makes the individuals to be informed of what is happening and it makes the company to have an essential support in assisting in the company’s activities. If the process involves a complex model, it’s important to utilize the ideas that the committee will give after they have been communicated with. Communication also makes the company manager to be accountable. The overall outcome of a company that has a good communication system is meeting its goal because the right procedure has been followed and there is no bias which has come from only of the stakeholders and especially the manager.

Teams are basically a collection of individuals organized to accomplish a common purpose. Teams may exist within a larger organization and may also interact with other teams in other organizations. The teams gather information and ideas from the organization’s members and then provide the organization with skills to pursue organizational objectives and also make the firm to be flexible in order to facilitate the attainment of the set goals. For example:

Problem Solving Teams

They are formed when a problem arises that cannot be solved within the standard organizational structure and this usually prompts for the formation of the team. This team is usually cross-functional; it has members from different organizational departments charged with getting a solution to the problem at hand.

Leadership Teams

These involve the management brought together in order to asses the different functions of the various personalities and departments in the organization. The teams may comprise of different heads of departments such as production, finance, marketing and research managers of a given product in a firm. These teams are aimed at developing goals and strategic directions for the firm as a whole.

Self-directed Teams

These teams have autonomous independence from the organizational management and can therefore make decisions on how well they wish the organizational activities are to be conducted. There is no definite manager in these teams and has usually no or minimal status differences, these are usually aimed at carrying out specific organizational projects, recruiting team members and evaluating them. The team usually interacts with both buyers and suppliers in order to streamline issues dealing with them and eventually achieve organizational goals.

Virtual Teams

These are formed and managed or run through the use of technology, the team members are to be accountable for their tasks in the various teams formed under minimum or no supervision. This means that the team members do not meet face to face but they can communicate using advanced technology to run the organization’s activities and meet the set goals.

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