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Recruitment and Selection of New Employees

BA (Hons) Fashion Retail Management

Recruitment is the procedure of establishing that a firm should employ a person up to the time when application forms for the job arrive at the organization. The selection is a process of choosing from applicants a suitable candidate to take up the job. A number of factors are imperative in the recruitment and selection of new employees for any organization. The purpose of this discussion is to lay out some of the fundamental steps to follow in the process of selecting and recruiting a new employee. These steps are applicable across organizations and evidently to BA (Hons) Fashion Retail Management. A general framework laid out for the recruitment and selection process includes:

  1. Assessment of the need for the job and ensuring that there are funds to facilitate the process of recruitment and selection;
  2. Examination the job description to ascertain its relevance to current and future needs of the organization;
  3. Putting in place the process of selecting new employees for the established post;
  4. Putting the advertisement as well as choosing on the medium of advertisement;
  5. Making a short list based on personnel specification;
  6. Interview and examination the candidates;
  7. Checking the background;
  8. Appointment.

The Job and a Need in New Employees

In most cases, the company may face a shortage of employees after employee turnover or after a transfer, a retirement or even an authorization of new posts within a corporation. At this point, there is the need in people with the relevant qualifications to fit into the vacancy. In addition, such a situation offers a perfect chance for review of responsibilities aligned to the position as well as the manner in which the post adds to organizational profitability. The existing job description has to undergo scrutiny by the Human Resource and Employee Department. This is necessary when changed responsibilities aligned to the position don’t comply with the job description. The best procedure in the case of a vacancy is to post the vacancy notice for at least five days. it should be posted either on the Human Resource Bulletin Board or on the website of the company. After this process, the postings will move to the BA (Hons) Fashion Retail Management department of labor for reference by respective personnel as well as an applicant referral.

Selection Procedure

The first step in this process is to screen applicants. It implies that the responsible department personnel have to go through all submitted applications. Selection of the top applicant for interviewing depends on the job description and specifications. The company has to rely heavily on the drafted criteria for interviewing since introduction of any other form of framework will work against the applicants. At the same time, the person undertaking recruitment should be responsible to assure free and fair recruitment of the candidates for the job. Otherwise the discrimination may arise leading to employment of unqualified people for the position, which may work against the company’s operations. In case a committee takes up the task of recruitment and selection of new employees, it is important that members of the committee agree on the short-listing procedure.

The next stage involves arrangement and carrying out an interview based on the short listed candidates. The individual in charge of interviews has to set necessary dates and time for conducting the interview. This has to involve the short-listed candidates directly to avoid unnecessary complaints. It means that all parties should receive notification on the date and time of interview for punctuality purposes.

Importance of Job Description and Person Specification

Job description brings about the awareness of person’s responsibilities, since there is a definition of task and balance in the amount of work. Specialization stimulates the growth since the employee has the desire for development in professionalism and this eliminates the dissonance in ones area of influence. The division of labor and the span of control enhance the motivation of the employees. The objective is readily achieved for coordination is delineated; giving prominence to the activities requiring the highest attention, time and resources, while articulating the less but fundamentally sensitive ones in the process. This also helps to get the best employees and eliminate those possible applicants to the vacancy whose interest and qualifications might not be in line to the post.

Person’s specification creates a sense of responsibility, authority, and accountability while taking into account the relationship with other significant members in the firm. When the firm acquires the right person for a job, it doesn’t spend a lot of money on training and orientation. There is also an added advantage of great experience, assurance of tenure of service so that the firm will not be recruiting again if such a person is dissatisfied with the job within a short while. The resulting confidence of employing the right person enhances performance with a multi-dimensional approach to the issues at stake, allowing an optimum utilization of employee’s work force with little or no coordination. The clear working conditions increases satisfaction of the staff bringing about realistic vertical communication of the staff. Thus, the company solves all the problems at the most appropriate time. This ensures quality products, services, and reliability to the customers and other organization.

The advertisement of the vacancies should be designed according to the law of simplicity where concise information, which is the genuine for this company, aims at attracting the potential customers. The details for job roles, salary, and age should attract interest, as most people would want open, quantified information before application. The advertisement design is set to represent a great opportunity with specification of foreign trips and opportunities for professional growth.

Instruction for the next actions and responses indicates the level of preparedness. Therefore, successful candidates should indicate responsibility and accountability immediately they arrive for interview. This reduces an expected orientation period. The expected candidates will become the part of the company and therefore the information in the advertisement must be in line with the routine responsibilities. Clarity is an important factor to the target audience; the statements should be understandable , and a design should convey an image of professionalism.

The design for the advertisement is called to quickly and clearly communicate distinct features of the job. A short headline is attracting a great amount of candidates. Emphasizing on the expected qualities of a person is also indicating human consideration, inspiring applicants to be interested. The mission statement, values and company’s culture that guide roles, behaviors and responsibilities are central to good leadership. This implies that during job posting for applicants, the management should ensure that such values of the corporation are clearly outlined.

Criminal Background Checks

Any organization focuses on providing a secure environment for its employees. As a result, it is imperative that new employees undergo a scrutiny on the criminal records. BA (Hons) Fashion Retail Management should embrace all the necessary requirements of employment regulations. This covers areas of criminal examination for all new personnel in the company. Every candidate should receive a form to fill in and submit it to the state agencies responsible for criminal checks. It would be prudent for the company to notify those candidates that have poor criminal records. This will serve as a clear rationale which their application fails to go through. In the case of questions arising from criminal record scrutiny, it is critical to refer such exceptions to the Human Resource and Employee Development department. A period of seven days is crucial for the candidates to go through their criminal records and make changes in case of anomalies.

Alongside the criminal records of the candidates, it is imperative to screen the applicants on drugs. This will ascertain their suitability to work in the company without major breakdowns. This process precedes the employment process, whereby the candidates selected for employment must submit a pre-employment drug test. On the contrary, the new employees can carry out the task ten days after commencement of their contract. Drafting a contract between the company and the new employee works to ensure that everyone performs within the stipulated laws of the company. This will assure smooth coordination at the workplace as well as easy communication between and among employees.

Formal Contract of Employment and the Psychological Contract

As mentioned earlier, a contract is imperative during recruitment and selection of employees. This particularly works to streamline conditions in which new employees must operate in the company. In most cases, companies embrace two forms of contracts: the formal employment contract and the psychological contract. When reference is drawn on the formal contract of employment, the agreement of employment relies on officially written forms. This type of contract encompasses a variety of expectations from the employer. In this contract, there should be mutual obligation on the side of the employee towards the job specified. There is also legality in the contract upon which all parties are tied. Since the company provides particular job descriptions, the formal contract is the best move to ensure that all operations conform to the contract. If a person fails to meet the requirements of the contract, the employer has the right to terminate an employee’s contract.

On the other hand, psychological contracts involve a collection of promises and expectations that exist between parties in an employment relationship. In the psychological contract, such promises are not written and therefore, many assumptions are evident. This contract is usually informal and unspoken. Very little cases indicate binding obligations among the parties involved in the contract. Research indicates that such contracts consist of unofficial assumptions and viewpoints that have no test. It is not possible to establish the workplace relationship between the employer and his employees. Even though this contract has little or no written form, it works greatly towards employee motivation and functionality. As a result, it may highly influence a company’s profitability.    

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