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Supply Chain Management

For running an organization it is very essential to cope with the matters of supply chain management, maintain strong customer relationship, human resource management, management of procurement systems, proper inventory management and in the last the factor of transportation. For increasing the rate of revenues it is essential to adopt better managerial approaches for the prevailing infrastructure of the organization. The management is focusing on latest business technologies and techniques for getting market levearage. The innovative technologies are considered as a necessity for good business. So the implementation and management of an IT infrastructure is very crucial in an organization and it would help to mature the industrial processes. The integration of IT with existing system helps in establishing strong relationships among business partners. The intervention of IT in the existing systems also proved very fruitful in reducing the overall costs4. My research question is:

What is the impact of IT on human resource management in airline industry?

Research Methodology

For analyzing the impact of technologies’ innovation in airline industry, I would conduct the research number of different academic resources such as journals, articles, books, peer reviewed research papers and electronic resources. Furthermore, for the said research I would like to collect the primary data interviewing either National or an International Airlines business company.

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