Arthemis Images

Artemis Images is a company, found by Christine Nazarenus in Colorado, United States. This general business was created by the inspiration of its founder. Christine, with her love of sports pictures, created a website of her company, where images from the past are collected and preserved with a help of digital technologies. The given paper describes why Christine Nazarenus started her company and what was the opportunity. We will try to evaluate team`s qualification for this business and the business model for Artemis Images. Moreover, we will discuss the division of ownership among the team.

Artemis Images used to be a company that expanded in internet with a help of Christine Nazarenus work and inspiration from images. The main target of a company was to create a business that specializes on digital bank of images in the web. Christine having an idea that offering images and products through the World Wide Web was a great field in marketing that could expand in future. The company’s main target was to offer digital, fine art, landscape and nature photographs as well as audio and video content to design companies or other firms that need such stuff. The opportunity of a company was to create a successful and profitable digital bank with an ability to grow in a big bank of images in the internet. “Chris envisioned a company that would create a digitized collection of image, audio, and video content that she could sell to companies interested in turning their intellectual property into a source of revenue”.

Managing a company, founder employed best specialists in the industry. She thought that it is enough for a successful business. Nevertheless, teamwork was not as productive as she expected and business started to fall. Christine having problems in managing could not carry the business after two years of its start. Having a list of problems and not highly debugged work of the stuff put the business at risk of failure. Team problems are the first gap in company’s structure and flaws of business. Data, having a tremendous value, cannot be effectively sold if it is not well organized. Team’s qualification in Artemis Images was not enough for the start as having an idea of business idea is not enough. There was no clear understanding of the work, which was needed to run a business. Christine, having friends, such as George Dicket and Greg Hughes, created a team. Greg Hughes started to work on the companies planning course and strategy. Founder, with project managers and other team understood the process itself, but the business plan was too complicated for the innovators in this sphere. Nevertheless, the perfect plan like a great vehicle, appealed the investors and project had a success.

Speaking about the business model itself, we can notice that it is strong enough but does not have a clear structure. The firm is profitable only in the case, when team works together and understands needs of others as the main target of a company it is working in. Without a clear understanding of the working process on all the stages of its development, project will end in a failure. In this case, Christine Nazarenus, is not a leader who can cope with all the challenges in digital marketing. Having a failure in 2000 year, company had an attempt to sell its products to diverse organizations, but having no profit in this program, company ceased to be a commercial brand. Artemis Images could be successful only developing clear and innovative marketing strategy.

To sum up, we can say that Artemis Images being an interesting digital project with a strong data bank nowadays has no commercial interest. Company, without a proper direction had no perspectives in growth despite an active project development.