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Bartending Job

I am interested in being a bartender in your company. I am 19 years old and a student in Kalamazoo College. I do not have any experience as a bartender. However, I possess excellent wines, beer and spirits knowledge and I am super in multitasking. I have worked towards being a bartender by spending my time learning communication skills and excellent management of clients.

These will assist me in developing good personality. I believe it makes clients come back to the company. I will be extremely attentive and will ensure the clients receive supreme services. I do possess a good memory enabling me to remember drink orders without any problem. I am quick and efficient which will be crucial when offering my services to the customers. This will ensure that they do not spend a lot of time waiting for drinks. I am presentable and possess high standards of hygiene. I will like my work and have a positive attitude towards clients. I possess mental and physical energy which will enable me work throughout my shift effectively and efficiently. I am excellent in time keeping.

I am good in mathematics hence accountability will not be a problem to me, and I will ensure that customers get their balances correctly. I will not take things personal especially when I am aware that the persons I am dealing with are not sober. This will enable me to do my work effectively since anger is an enemy to efficiency. I will always maintain eye contacts with customers and ensure that they receive warm welcoming when they arrive.

I am requesting for a chance to work in your company. I am even ready to work as a volunteer. My personal qualities and academic preparations have prepared me for the job. My objective is to assist your company achieve its goals. If given the chance, I believe that I will assist the company in profit maximization.

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