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Benefits of Becoming a Vegan


Vegan is a follower of veganism. Veganism includes abstinence from using animal products in diets. Dietary vegans do not completely take meet and fish. They also abstains form dairy products such as honey, eggs and other substances driven from animals. The ethical vegans abstains form diets in respect to other environmental and live conditions. For example, they reject eating meet, claiming that it destroys environment. Some people can not spend their life without eating meat while others prefer living a vegan life. Many people have adopted veganism, as a result of health practices.

Thesis statement: Vegans enjoy a number of health benefits like contraction of certain diseases.

Health Benefits

Vegans do not take animal products and meet from certain animals. They usually eat vegetables, fruits and foods with fiber. Eating fats from animals raises the risk of developing certain diseases like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease among others. Vegans claim that, they can not drink cow’s milk because the fats in it are different from human milk (Mangels 78). Early stages of prostate cancer can be stopped or reversed with a change of diet. Study carried out in America showed that people who consumed meat, died prematurely than other who did not eat meat.

People taking plant based diet eliminate the genetic propensity which aids the development of genetic inherited diseases like diabetes type 2, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Eating meet will increase the probability of developing the genetic inherited disease. Studies conducted in America showed that many people born by parents suffering from diabetes 2 and take meet inherited the diseases more than those who did not eat meat (Davis 37).

Diets like grains, legumes and fruits, do not contain cholesterol and have low fat quality. They have a lot of fibers and nutrients. Vegans’ claim that foods like beans, soya and peanuts, contains proteins. They prefer taking them instead of meat. They claim that the person who eats beans gets more proteins than the one eating meat. In this way, vegans have been able to maintain their health. They also maintain their weight. Fats lead to development of extra weights and Vegans maintain their weight (Marcus 12).

Environmental Benefits

Vegans also help in environment conservation. They claim that livestock has benefits to the planet. They also claim that getting food from animals is inefficient due to expenses. Animals feeding and keeping costs a lot of money. Purchasing fertilizers, provision of land and water and other resources to sustain animals is expensive. Vegans’ claim that the resources and money spend in keeping domestic animals should be used in feeding humans (Torres 80). Human are more important than the life of an animal and instead the money spend in buying fertilizers should be used in buying vegetables and other plant diets to feed human beings. The families keeping domestic animals also spend a lot of time caring for animals instead of taking care of their loved one.

Keeping high yield also is associated with soil erosion. Animals contribute to acceleration of topsoil erosion. This reduces the ability of the land to produce more crops. Many deserts have emerged, as a result of converting farming lands to grazing fields. Animal keeping contribute to water and air pollution. Animal’s wastes pollute ground water. Animals also contribute to destruction of crops. They feed on crops and other green products. Individuals, who keep domestic animals and the same time plant crops, have their crops destroyed by animals. This leads to loss, which could not have been incurred (Mangels 34). Vegans help in environment conservation and prevent natural disasters like deserts.

Animals Benefits

Vegans help in saving animal life. They do not eat meat or animals products. Eating animal’s products like eggs means that a lot of chickens are killed before birth. Vegans claim that animals should not be destroyed and killed. They promote animal’s safety and encourage people from slaughtering animals. Animals should be left to die due to disease or old age. Slaughtering of animals can lead to the elimination of certain spices in the world. Currently, animal’s factories have produced products which stringer production systems. For example, chicken are given certain fertilizer, which enable them to produce more eggs than required. Vegans claim that animals system should not be altered with by human activities. People should let animals live a natural life. Generally, vegans promote animal’s rights by prevention of harmful human activities (Davis 45).


Vegans do not eat meat or animals products. Their practices help in prevention of certain disease. People should consider avoiding meat diets in order to prevent certain diseases and weight gain.

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