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Changes or Additions to Local Parks

Problem Statement

The main problem affecting local parks is the lack of resources to handle the increasing population in the society (Walls, Darley, & Siikamaki, 2009). This problem mainly occurs every day when people are using the park. In the recent past, people have come to realize the health and sociological benefits of local parks. As a result, this is increasing the number of people accessing the parks on a daily basis. Therefore, due to the lack or resources, the problem first affects the management of local parks (Green Communities, 2012). This is because they do not have the capacity to handle the increasing demands of the society to use the local parks. Secondly, the condition of the local parks receives the most effect due to lack of resources (Pigram, 2006). The number of people accessing these local parks is on the rise. As a result, this is causing non-repairable damage to the local parks leading to depletion of facilities.

Local parks provide significant benefits to society. First, they help in improving the environment in the society. This is because they help in purifying the air in the environment (Stenberg, 2007). Secondly, they help in promoting health in society. This is where people use the local parks to exercise. Thirdly, the local authorities can raise funds using local parks to use in improving other economic ventures in the community. Finally, local parks offer people with the opportunity to socialize (Stenberg, 2007). For this reason, if the problem continues, it would be impossible for the society to enjoy these vast benefits. The main practical solution to solve this problem is to introduce payments and control measures to collect funds (Walls, Darley, & Siikamaki, 2009). In this case, the funds collected will be used to buy new facilities that will handle the increasing demands. Secondly, the funds will be used to buy new facilities to serve all the groups in the society even those with special needs like people with disabilities.

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