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Computers Dependency

In this era of technological advancement, people are increasingly becoming over dependent to computers. Simple jobs that were previously done manually are now being done by computers. Activities like writing letters and sending telegrams are quickly being replaced with emails and instant messaging as Givens (2008 Para.1) says. What is worrying is the loss of creativity as a result of overdependence to computers. Many people today can not handle basic arithmetic calculations without consulting their calculators. Writing skills have deteriorated dramatically as a result of dependence on word processing programmers. Furthermore, when people type on their computers, they tend to rely heavily on spell checks a move that is weighing down on their grammatical skills.

In addition to the loss of creativity, jobs that were previously done by human beings are now being taken over by computers. This is leading to an increase in the level of unemployment especially in those firms that are labor intensive. Others are becoming underemployed as they result to doing less than they did before resulting in high rate of frustration in the labor market.

It is unimaginable today to think of what would happen if computers in the world abruptly collapsed. To answer this, it is good to take a look at what happens when there is a power blackout in the absence of a back up generator at the place of work. All tasks usually come to a sudden halt and services to customers can not be rendered until electrical supply is restored back. This becomes ironic since before the invention of the computers these jobs were performed manually meaning we are slowly turning into slaves of computers. It is unthinkable for example how a self service retailer who deals entirely with credit card, debit cards or EFTPOS cards would operate without computers (Bennett, 2005, Para.  5). my guess is that he would be forced to close shop. Computers have thus rendered people to believe that they can’t survive without them a trend that is worrying everyone from sociologists to psychologists.

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